Cardiovascular Scientist Seminars

CCVI Executive Faculty and Graduate Students,
Thurs. March 7, 2019, PATHOBIOLOGY Room 1800, 11:55 am - 1:00 pm

View Dr. Todd Gillis's talk here
View Dr. Nina Jones's talk here

Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations (CCVI) Scientist Seminars

The Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations (CCVI) is hosting a scientist seminar, featuring Dr. Todd Gillis and Dr. Nina Jones.

Thurs. March 7, 2019
Pathobiology (PAHL) 1800, 11:55 am - 1:00 pm

CCVI Distinguished Scientist Seminar

The Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations (CCVI) is hosting a distinguished scientist seminar, featuring Dr. Brian Foster from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Thursday January 24, 2019
Pathobiology (PAHL) 1812, 12:20 - 1:30 pm

View Dr. Brian Foster's talk here

Cardiovascular Research Day, October 11, 2018

Hosted by the Centre for Cardiovascular Investigations (CCVI) &
the Southern Ontario Cardiovascular Research Association (SOCRA)
OVC PATHOBIOLOGY Room 1800, 12-5pm

Visit our conference website for more information!

Distinguished Scientist speakers are leaders in the field of cardiovascular research and include:

Dr. Peter Backx, DVM, PhD
Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Biology
Professor in Department of Biology at York University
Senior Scientist UHN Cardiology Toronto
"Adverse atrial remodeling associated with intense exercise: understanding mechanisms of atrial fibrillation in heart disease"

Dr. Sarah Childs, PhD
Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute
University of Calgary
"Mural cells in vascular development"

Dr. Balwant Tuana, PhD
Professor (Pharmacology), Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
University of Ottawa
PI, Co-lead, Heart Failure Cluster, Ottawa Heart Institute
"Cell Cycle Dynamics in the Growth and Death of Myocardium"

Dr. Robert Gros, PhD
Scientist, Robarts Research Institute
Associate Professor in Physiology & Pharmacology at Western University
Director of the Laboratory for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Phenotyping
"The Female Sex: A Newly Appreciated Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease - A role for the G Protein Estrogen Receptor"

Dr. Kyra Pyke, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies
Queen's University
"Conduit artery endothelial function - are two tests better than one?"

Poster session to follow in OVC Lifetime Learning Centre.

Cardiovascular Scientist Seminars

CCVI Executive Faculty, Dr. Jamie Burr and Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard, Thursday March 15, 2018, OVC PATHOBIOLOGY Room 1800, 12:00-1:00pm
View Dr. Jamie Burr's talk here
View Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard's talk here

CCVI Executive Faculty, Dr. Jeremy Simpson and Dr. Sonja Fonfara, Tuesday February 27, 2018, OVC PATHOBIOLOGY Room 1800, 12:00-1:00pm
View Dr. Jeremy Simpson's talk here
View Dr. Sonja Fonfara's talk here

CCVI Executive Faculty, Dr. Tami Martino and Dr. Glen Pyle, Tuesday October 24, 2017, OVC PATHOBIOLOGY Room 1800, 12:00-1:00pm
View Dr. Glen Pyle's talk here

CCVI Executive Faculty, Dr. John Dawson and Dr. Lynne O'Sullivan, Tuesday March 28, 2017, OVC LLC Room 1715, 12:30-1:30pm
View Dr. John Dawson's talk here
View Dr. Lynne O'Sullivan's talk here

CCVI Executive Faculty, Dr. Philip Millar and Dr. Tarek Saleh, Monday February 27, 2017, OVC PATHOBIOLOGY Room 1800, 1-2pm
View Dr. Philip Millar's talk here
View Dr. Tarek Saleh's talk here

Represent the CCVI at the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart 2018

Come on out to represent the CCVI at the Ride for Heart on Sunday June 3 and raise funds for Heart and Stroke research!

There's a couple of ways you can help!

1. Make a donation to the CCVI team
2. Join the team! If you join now, chances are that you will be able to raise more funds because the Ride is not until June 3rd!

If interested in joining our team, please e-mail Love Sandhu at

Cardiovascular Research Day Conference, Thursday September 29, 2016
OVC PATHOBIOLOGY Room 1800, 12:45-4pm
View conference intro and welcome by Dr. Tami Martino (CCVI Director) and Dr. Malcolm Campbell (VP Research) here
Distinguished Scientist speakers are leaders in the field of cardiovascular research and include:

Dr. Lorrie Kirshenbaum, PhD
Director of Research Development, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba
Canada Research Chair in Molecular Cardiology
Professor, Physiology & Pathophysiology, Institute of CV Sciences, St. Boniface Centre
"Molecular Regulation of Cardiac Cell Death"
View Dr. Lorrie Kirshenbaum's talk here

Dr. Zam Kassiri, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Alberta
AI-HS Scholar
"Diverse and Novel functions of disintegrin and metalloproteinase-17 (ADAM17) in different types of heart disease"
View Dr. Zam Kassiri's talk here

Dr. Robert Gilmour, PhD
Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies, University of Prince Edward Island
"Cardiac Defibrillation: It's been a LEAP Year"
View Dr. Robert Gilmour's talk here

Dr. Kim Connelly, MBBS, PhD, FRACP
Scientist, Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science
Director, Krembil Stem Cell Facility, St. Michael's Hospital
University of Toronto Cardiovascular Research Network
"The quest for immortality: A tale of quantum MRI physics, stem cells and the heart"
View Dr. Kim Connelly's talk here

Poster session to follow in OVC Lifetime Learning Centre.

CCVI Blogs/Databases
Dr. Tami Martino's lab has created several blogs and scientific databases:
Chronotherapy - Time-of-day treatment for cardiovascular diseases
CircaSNP Database - Circadian Gene SNPs and Disease
Circadian miRNA Database - MicroRNA expression database

CCVI Student Executive Council
A CCVI Student Council has been created, with graduate and undergraduate student representatives from each of the CCVI labs.

Student Executives:
Cristine Reitz (Co-Chair)
Priya Mistry (Co-Chair)
Zikra Awosanmi (Undergraduate Rep)
Ryan Waines (Undergraduate Rep)
Michael Jones (Undergraduate Rep)
Del Fernandes
Kathy Jacyniak
Love Sandhu
Josh Slysz
Iain Lamb
Anthony Incognito
Andrew Foster
Shari Raheb
Shara Birnbaum

Heart and Stroke Foundation Ride for Heart
The CCVI is participating in the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart on June 5, 2016.
Support our CCVI members by donating to the Guelph Cardiovascular Centre team and help fund life-saving Heart & Stroke research.

See story here.

Shot for the Heart's Speaker Night
Featuring Heart and Stroke Foundation Researcher, Dr. John Dawson, and stroke survivor, Janet Parr.
University of Guelph, Mackinnon Rm 120, 6-7pm
Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CCVI Seminars and Distinguished Scientist Lectures
View Dr. Gavin Oudit's talk here
Cardiovascular Centre launches distinguished speaker series
Elanco Distinguished Speaker
OVC PATHOBIOLOGY room 1810, 12:30-1:45
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Dr. Gavin Y Oudit, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta
Clinician-Scientist, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Canada Research Chair in Heart Failure
Division of Cardiology, 2C2 Walter Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2B7

Scholarship links:
Available scholarships for MSc and PhD students.
Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
Biomedical Sciences, OVC, University of Guelph Doctoral Awards
Biomedical Sciences, OVC, University of Guelph Master's Awards

Undergraduate and graduate coursers to prepare you for a career in cardiovascular research and medicine in general at the undergraduate and graduate level.

- Biomedical Physiology BIOM*3200
- Cardiology BIOM*4180
- Research modules BIO*4420
- BIOM research courses (4500, 4510, 4520).
- Introductory Biochemistry BIOC*2580
- Structure & Function in Biochemistry BIOC*3560
- Research Projects in Molecular and Cellular Biology 1 and 2 MCB*4500/4510
- Topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology MCB*4600
- Cardio-respiratory Physiology HK*4550
- Pathophysiology KIN*4050
- Comparative Animal Physiology ZOO*3200
- Developmental Biology ZOO*3050

- Vascular Biology BIOM*6610
- Gene Expression and Health and Disease BIOM*6800
- Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences BIOM*6110
- Advances in Physiology IBIO*6010
- Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology MCB*6360
- Protein Structural Biology and Bioinformatics MCB*6370
- Physiology VETM*3080
- Clinical Medicine I VETM*3430
- Medicine and Surgery of the Dog and Cat VETM*4470
- Clinical Medicine III VETM*4870
- Clinical Cardiology Rotation VETM*4830
- Electrocardiography, Domestic Animals CLIN*6380
- Readings in Cardiology I and II CLIN 6680 and 6690