Dr. Todd Gillis
Research Platforms:
Molecular Biology of Heart Disease, Cardiovascular Physiology, Embryonic Development of Cardiac Function

Academic Background:
B.Sc - Guelph 1994
M.Sc - Guelph 1996
Ph.D - Simon Fraser University 2002
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington 2002-2005

Scholander Award for Young Researcher, American Physiological Society
Simon Fraser University Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal
William S Hoar Award, Canadian Society of Zoology
NSERC Post Doctoral Fellowship

Research Interests:
Role of the contractile element in regulating functional capability of the heart
Evolution of the regulatory control of cardiac contractile function
Remodeling of the vertebrate heart in response to physiological stressors

Projects Recently Completed:
Role of Protein Kinase A in the regulation of cardiac function in lower vertebrates
The ontogony of the cardiac adrenergic response during embryonic development in trout

Projects in Progress:
Changes in the cardiac proteome and contractile function during cold induced cardiac hypertrophy in trout
TnT isoform switching during cardiac development
Regulatory mechanism of cardiac remodeling

Facilities/Unique Equipment:
Aurora Scientific muscle mechanics instrument
Stoped flow spectrofluorometer
Perkin Elmer spectrofuorometor
GE Ettan 2D Gel Electrophoresis system

NSERC, CIHR, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, American Heart Foundation

Cardiac Protein Lab Page
Departmental Faculty Page

Jordan Klaiman
Kelly Kirkpatrick (M.Sc)
Silvana Miller (M.Sc)

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