Jordan Lee
Supervisor: Dr. Philip Millar

Program: MSc Candidate, Human Health and Nutritional Sciences

Academic Background: Honours Bachelor of Applied Science, University of Guelph-Humber

Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Masters - University of Guelph (2016)

Research Interests:
My graduate research interests are focused on autonomic control of cardiovascular measurements. More specifically, I am interested in understanding how nutritional interventions can be used to modulate sympathetic control of blood pressure, thereby leading to my outlined thesis topic in which I intend to study potential effects on omega 3 supplementation on muscle sympathetic nerve activity.

Thesis Topic:
The effects of different omega-3 formulations on sympathetic nerve activity.

Conferences Attended:
The 19th Biennial Meeting of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics, Hamilton, ON (2016)
CNS Regional Conference, Toronto, ON (2014)

Mini Biography:
Throughout my undergraduate degree in kinesiology, I worked as a research assistant in a variety of fields, including nutrition, cardiovascular and exercise physiology, and biomechanics, leading to my interest in pursuing graduate studies and the conception of my current thesis topic which draws upon aspects from each of these experiences. My long term goal is to pursue further studies in graduate school and ideally stay in academics as a researcher and professor. Outside of academics, I am a dedicated Latin dance performer/instructor, as well as a musician.