Laura Farquharson
Supervisor: Dr. Jeremy A. Simpson

Program: MSc Candidate, Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, University of Guelph

Academic Background:
BSc, University of Guelph

. 2016 York University Muscle Health Awareness Day Award Winner - Poster Presentation

Research Interests:
My research interests are in cardiac physiology, with a focus on erythropoietin signaling in heart failure.

Thesis Topic:
To investigate the role of endothelium-derived erythropoietin in regulating exercise capacity in health and heart failure.

Conferences Attended:
. 7th Annual York University Muscle Health Awareness Day (2016)- Poster Presentation

Presentations and Abstracts:
1. Laura J. Farquharson, Mathew J. Platt, Melissa A. Allwood, Andrew J. Foster, Jason S. Huber, Nayda Romanova, Paula M. Miotto, Coral L. Murrant and Jeremy A. Simpson. Endothelial-Derived Erythropoietin; A Novel Role In Regulating Skeletal Muscle Glycogen. Presented May 2016 at York University Muslce Health Awareness Day, Toronto, ON. * Selected as Master Student Finalist