Michael Bennardo
Supervisor: Dr. Tami Martino

Academic Background:
B.Sc.H, Biological Sciences. Stream: Biochemistry/Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics. Brock University
BA. Humanities. Stream: English and Philosophy. McMaster University
M.Sc Stream: Biomedical Sciences and Advanced Cardiovascular Pathophysiology. Ontario Veterinary College, U of G

Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) young Investigators Travel Award 2010.
College Royal University of Guelph Club. OVC 1st. place

Research Interests:
The role of innate immunity and circadian rhythms on early cardiovascular remodeling and the pathophysiological changes after ischemic heart attacks.

Thesis Topic:
The circadian regulation of early cardiac remodeling post- myocardial infarction in the day vs. the night.

Conferences Attended:
CIHR ICRH’s Young Investigator Forum. May 5-7, 2010. Vancouver BC, CANADA
Canadian Neurological Society 46th Annual Congress. June 14-17, 2011. Vancouver BC, CANADA

M. Bennardo et al. (2010) The Circadian Proteome in the Heart: Basic molecular differences in response to myocardial infarctions in the day vs. the night. CIHR ICRH’s Young Investigator Forum. May 5-7, 2010. Vancouver BC, CANADA

M. Bennardo et al. (2010) The Circadian Regulation of Early Cardiac Remodeling Post-Myocardial Infarction in the Day vs. Night – PowerPoint Presentation. Ontario Veterinary College 9th Annual Graduate Research Symposium. Nov 17, 2010. Guelph ON, CANADA

Mini Biography:
Michael Bennardo, born in Burlington Ontario, is an enthusiastic and keen research scientist with many interests in science. He is comfortable working within the laboratory setting and enjoys teaching laboratory technique and bioinformatics involved in disease research. He especially enjoys working with animals and has participated in a number of research projects at the OVC including research utilizing mice, cattle, sheep and dogs for physiological and pathological studies.

Other Tidbits:
After graduating with a Master of Science from the Ontario Veterinary College’s Department of Biomedical Sciences in 2010 he continued on in the OVC’s Institute for Animal-Human Links in Health Research working as a Laboratory Technician. Currently at McMaster University, Neurosciences, Clinical Research.