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We regularly have work study positions and summer studentships. Work study posts can be offered year round. Learn more.

Summer posts are typically advertised in Jan-Feb: http://www.uoguelph.ca/registrar/studentfinance/index.cfm?usra/index and http://www.uoguelph.ca/registrar/studentfinance/index.cfm?ura/index


Harlander lab

Current Opportunity: Post-Doctoral position in Behavioural Regulation of Skeletal Pain
This post-doctoral researcher will perform experiments to further existing research grants concentrating on the behavioural regulation and modulation of skeletal pain using the domestic bird as a model. The researcher will plan, coordinate and conduct bird behavioural studies on a semi-independent basis, and will work towards contributing new ideas and providing a fresh perspective to expand our current research. Learn more

A note from Dr. Harlander:
I would like to share my enthusiasm for poultry-welfare research with students who are truly dedicated to conducting experiments, are self-motivated and eager to work full days.

Currently I am interested in the following projects:

  • Do poultry like their indoor air quality?
    • Identifying the causes and effects air quality has on the health and well-being of poultry is the focus of this research.
  • Which type of chicken is considered a “good flyer”?
    • This research aims to understand the locomotion skills of laying hens. Information obtained can then be transferred to the design of hen housing to facilitate construction of the ideal housing from the hen’s point of view.
  • Do birds pluck feathers from each other to self-medicate?
    • The purpose of this research is to investigate the physiological mechanisms underlying the behavior of feather plucking between conspecifics and to explore how the physiological mechanisms relate to excessive performance of the behavior feather pecking.

Volunteer opportunities are available, giving students a chance to build their research skills and nurture a passion for poultry welfare. Volunteering has the potential to lead to additional experience in my research group such as graduate work, undergraduate Research in Animal Biology (ANSC*4700), supervision or summer employment.

If you would like to discuss the potential of working/volunteering/learning with myself, a committed faculty advisor willing to work with students to investigate important questions associated with commercial poultry production, please send me an email (ensure that your email addresses the questions listed under “enquire further about grad school”). Once your email has been received we can arrange a time to talk about potential projects.

Please note: if I am not advertising a paid position on this website then I do not have financing to support graduate students. You would be required to obtain your own scholarship/funding from external sources.

Mason lab

Georgia Mason typically seeks students and post-docs with the potential to raise their own scholarships or fellowships (for funding sources click here: http://jointhemasonlab.wordpress.com/category/sources-of-funding/). She will help with their applications, and once in her lab, fully support their research and career development. She also loves hosting visiting graduate research interns from other universities.

As a rule she works with mink, mice, and large datasets from zoo animals (see http://jointhemasonlab.wordpress.com/category/our-animal-use-and-ethics/). Some current project ideas for are given here, but she welcomes any suggested projects fitting within her broad interests (link at "interests": http://jointhemasonlab.wordpress.com/category/opportunities-overview/).

For life in her lab see the Mason lab blog; and for her general advice about thesis versus coursework degrees, see:http://masonabwlab.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/770/