Lee Niel

Selected Publications

  • Niel, L., Monks, D.A. Mouse Sex: Sexual Differentiation and Sexual Behaviour in Mus musculus. Handbook of Behavioral Genetics of the Mouse, Cambridge University Press, In press.
  • Fernando, S.M., Rao, P., Niel, L., Chattergee, D., Stagljar, M., Monks, D.A. 2010. Myocyte androgen receptors increase metabolic rate and improve body composition by reducing fat mass. Endocrinology, 151: 3125-3132.
  • Burkholder, T.H., Niel, L., Weed, J.L., Brinster, L., Bacher, J., and Foltz, C. 2010. Comparison of carbon dioxide and argon euthanasia: effects on behavior, heart rate and activity in rats. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 49: 448-453.
  • Niel, L., Shah, A.H., Lewis, G.A., Mo, K., Chattergee, D., Fernando, S.M., Hong, M.H., Chang, W.Y., Vollmayr, P., Rosen, J., Miner, J.N., Monks, D.A. 2009. Sexual differentiation of the spinal nucleus of the bulbocavernosus is not mediated solely by androgen receptors in muscle fibers. Endocrinology, 150: 3207-3213.
  • Makowska, I.J., Niel, L., Kirkden, R.D., Weary, D.M. 2008. Rats show aversion to argon-induced hypoxia. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 114: 572-581.
  • Kirkden, R.D., Niel, L., Lee, G., Pfaffinger, M.J., Makowska, I.J., and Weary, D.M. 2008. The validity of using an approach-avoidance test to measure the strength of aversion to carbon dioxide in rats. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 114: 216-234.
  • Niel, L. and Weary, D.M. 2008. Effects of novelty on rat responses to carbon dioxide exposure. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 111: 183-194.
  • Kirkden, R.D., Niel, L., Stewart, S.A., and Weary, D.M. 2008. Gas killing of rats: the effect of supplemental oxygen on aversion to carbon dioxide. Animal Welfare, 17:79-87.
  • Niel, L., Stewart, S.A. and Weary, D.M. 2008. Effect of flow rate on aversion to gradual-fill carbon dioxide euthanasia in rats. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 109: 77-84.
  • Niel, L., Willemsen, K., Volante, S. and Monks, D.A. 2007. Sexual dimorphism and androgen regulation of satellite cell population in differentiating rat levator ani muscle. Developmental Neurobiology, 68: 115-122.
  • Richardson, C.A, Niel, L., Leach, M.C. and Flecknell, P.A. 2007. Evaluation of the efficacy of a novel electronic pain assessment device, the Pain Gauge, for measuring post-operative pain in rats. Laboratory Animals, 41: 46-54.
  • Niel, L. and Weary, D.M. 2007. Rats avoid exposure to carbon dioxide and argon. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 107: 100-109.
  • Niel, L. and Weary, D.M. 2006. Behavioural responses of rats to gradual-fill carbon dioxide euthanasia and reduced oxygen concentrations. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 100: 295-308.
  • Hawkins, P., Playle, L., Golledge, H., Leach, M., Banzett, R., Coenen, A., Cooper, J., Danneman, P., Flecknell, P., Kirkden, R., Niel, L. and Raj, M. 2006. Final Report of the Newcastle Consensus Meeting on Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia of Laboratory Animals. Available at:www.nc3rs.org.uk/downloaddoc.asp?id=416&page=292&skin=0
  • Vickers, K., Niel, L., Kiehlbauch, L. and Weary, D.M. 2005. Calf response to caustic paste and hot iron dehorning using sedation with or without local anesthetic. Journal of Dairy Science, 88: 1454-1459.


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