Undergraduate Programs

The College of Biological Science (CBS) at University of Guelph is recognized nationally for its diverse & innovative programs, engaged student body and comprehensive support services for undergraduate students.

With over 4500 students in three different degree programs (Bachelor of Science-BSc, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science –BSc Env., Bachelor of Applied Science -BASc), Biological Science students represent nearly a quarter of all undergraduates at Guelph, reflecting a disproportionate strength in health, molecular and biodiversity science, an outstanding team of research scientists and professors, and world class teaching and research facilities. Together, these features enable CBS to offer an undergraduate experience that is student-centred, rigorous and provides the opportunity to work along side faculty and graduate students in the pursuit, application and communication of biological knowledge.

The end result, 93-98% of graduates of Biological Science programs attain employment within two years and have pursued every imaginable career path in all parts of the world.

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