Bachelor of Arts Counselling Office : Important Dates to Note

Semester Schedule of Dates

The University of Guelph runs on a 12 week semester system. The semester schedule of dates and deadlines are more than important. They are crucial to your progress in your degree and to being successful in your courses.

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Where Do I find the Important Dates?

Course Selection for Next Semester

You select courses for summer and fall in the middle of winter semester.

You select courses for winter semester in the middle of fall.

Which Courses Do I Take?

Some majors provide a semester by semester plan for taking courses. If you have difficulties with course planning for your specialization your faculty advisor in the specialization can help you.

Usually you take 2.5 credits (5 courses) each semester (usually 0.5 credit per course).

Check the schedule of studies in the Undergraduate Calendar for required courses for specializations.

Check the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar Section XII for the prerequisite course(s). Some departments have more detailed course descriptions on line, on the department web site.

The course outline is something the instructor gives out in class or posts on a special web site for a class. The course outline tells you when assignments are due, readings week by week, methods of evaluation (tests, essays) etc.

Note: You will not be able to add a course for which you do not have the pre-requisite course(s). If you fail a course pre-requisite and you have pre-selected the subesquent course for the next semester, you must drop the course and retake the pre-requisite or consult with a program counsellor.

Adding and Dropping Courses

When Can I Add Courses?

You have plenty of opportunity for adding courses and changing courses. You add courses for the upcoming semester in a specific "window" in the University's course selection periods. The "Add/Drop Periods" at the end and beginning of each semester are there for you to make essential changes based on academic reasons.

Winter 2018
Add courses
October 11 - November 2 and December 11- January 12

When Can I Drop Courses?

You can drop a course without academic penalty every day up to the 40th class day of a semester. Mark that day on your calendar every semester.

Fall 2017
November 3, 2017 (12 week courses)

 Exam Schedules

Know when your exams are! Add each course exam to your wall calendar and triple check that you have no conflicts (overlapping times) and that this exam schedule will work for you.

An exam conflict is only an exact overlap. If you have an exact exam conflict, you should drop one of the courses whose exam overlaps. If it is a required course for your major and cannot be taken in the next semester, see the department faculty advisor.

More than two exams in one day or more than three exams in two days does not constitute a conflict.

Note: Check your schedule on web advisor right after dropping a course to make sure the (correct) course has been dropped.

Note: You cannot drop your last course on WebAdvisor. Doing so would be a withdrawal from the semester. See "Getting Help" page - withdraw from semester. For that you need to seek the program counsellor's approval and signature.