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CANPOLIN in the News
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CANPOLIN: June 2009 New Research Network to Shed Light on Pollinator Decline, Entomological Society of Canada Bulletin, Volume 41 (2): 93-94 (PDF)

Laurence Packer and Gaham Forbes: We can't live without life support, The Daily Gleaner, June 30, 2009 (link)

Laurence Packer: Why biodiversity matters, Telegraph-Journal, June 20, 2009 (link)

Peter Kevan: CBC Radio Maritime Noon with Laura Chapin, June 13, 2009

Cory Sheffield: CBC Radio Maritime Noon with Costas Halavrezos on , June 12, 2009


Pollinators in the News
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We can't live without life support

June 30, 2009
The Daily Gleaner


Pollution may affect pollination, study suggests 

June 19, 2009


Bad year for New Brunswick beekeepers

Canada East
June 9, 2009


Bee population drop bad news for berry crops, apiarists say

Canada East
June 9, 2009


Can We Count on Native Bees to Replace Honeybees?

Wired Science
June 5, 2009


More wild flowers to be planted to save honey bees, says WI

Telegraph UK
June 4, 2009


Bee-killing parasite genome sequenced

Eurek Alert
June 4, 2009


Conservation Council calls for action as bee population plummets

Conservation Council of New Brunswick News Release
June 1, 2009


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