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CANPOLIN in the News
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Elizabeth Elle: Bees' disappearance has biologists buzzing, interview with CTV British Columbia, May 16, 2009 (link)

Laurence Packer: Our bumblebees on the brink, NOW magazine (link)

Laurence Packer and York University: Rogers, Theresa. "The Bee Keeper." Lab Business Spring 2009: 18-22 (link)



Pollinators in the News
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Honey Bee Colony Losses In U.S. Almost 30 Percent From All Causes From September 2008 To April 2009

Science Daily
May 29, 2009


Bee population feels sting of cold, parasites as N.B. population drops

CBC News
May 27, 2009


Blueberry crop gets some help from visiting bees

Boston Globe
May 25, 2009


Franklin's bumble bee may be extinct, says UCD prof

Daily Democrat
May 23, 2009


The Buzz on Bees: In Depth Reports

Scientific American


New life for the ancient black honeybee 

The Independent
May 18, 2009


British hives for British workers: Hardy native black honeybee poised for comeback

The Daily Mail
May 19, 2009


50 Reasons to Love Toronto: No. 29 There's an Apiary on the roof of the Royal York...

June 2009 Issue
Toronto Life


Conical Epidermal Cells Allow Bees to Grip Flowers and Increase Foraging Efficiency

May 15, 2009 
Heather Whitney, Lars Chittka,Toby Bruce and Beverley Glover
Reported by Science Daily (link)
Reported by Science Labs (link)
Reported by ABC Science (link)
And reported by Science Blogs (link)


PloS ONE: Bumble Bees (Bombus spp) along a Gradient of Increasing Urbanization

May 15, 20009
Karin Ahrné, Jan Bengtsson, Thomas Elmqvist


Cosmetics industry threatened by bee demise

May 15, 2009 
Marie Claire


Hive rustlers are stealing bees by the million

May 10, 2009 
Caroline Davies


Turning Guelph's trash into liquid gold

May 10, 2009
CTV News Southwestern Ontario


Flight Of The Bumble Bee Is Based More On Brute Force Than Aerodynamic Efficiency

May 10, 2009
Science Daily


Press Frenzy on New Study (May 8, 2009):

Fears of honeybee demise unfounded: Study
The Star
Ernesto Guzman quoted: "This document says part of the truth but not the whole truth"

Honeybee colonies not declining worldwide, study says
CBC News
Rob Currie quoted: "We're having trouble maintaining what we've got, and on top of that, the demand is increasing, so to downplay the idea that there is a serious concern there is not something I would agree with"

Pollination Crisis 'A Myth': Honeybees Are On The Rise, But Demand Grows Faster
Science Daily reporting on the article


Dur hiver pour les abeilles

May 3, 2009 
Annie Morin
Le Soleil


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