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Want to earn a credit the unconventional way?

The Business Consulting course is open to all students with at least 10 credits and a minimum GPA of 70. It's designed to get you out of the classroom and working with real organizations. We offer the course in the Fall (MGMT*4050) and Winter (MGMT*4060).

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  • Our experience with CBaSE was nothing short of exceptional. The students went above and beyond on the project and the team at CBaSE was fantastic to work with as well. Our goal for the four months was to research a potential industry that we had yet to penetrate. The team at CBaSE led this project and delivered great results. We are planning to do more projects with CBaSE in the coming semesters and would recommend them to any business.

    Paul DemarcoIntrigue Media Co-Founder

  • Working in a team to solve real issues for two separate clients has been as rewarding as it has been challenging. Being able to take ownership of both a problem, and for developing a realistic solution is an experience that I’ve found to be unique to this course and I’m thankful to have had it in both fall and winter semesters of 2014-2015. CBaSE has validated my education, my knowledge and my abilities in a way that no traditional ‘in the classroom’ course could.

    Kat NymanMarketing Management, 2015

  • The CBaSE student's final report offered valuable, current perspectives which were thoroughly researched. Their suggestions were conscious as to who our target customer is, what our suppliers do and focused on our uniqueness in bringing this together within the e-commerce market. Their insights and ideas have greatly assisted in the strategic planning process used to grow our reach.

    Beth TimlinCo-owner, Grey Rock Clothing

  • I had the privilege of working with my CBaSE team over the past semester. The team was dedicated, professional, and the passion with which they undertook my project was infectious. The meticulousness of their efforts was clearly evident in the concise and polished report I was handed at the end. Most importantly my team provided sound strategies for future marketing success.

    Michael FallOwner, Crossfit Guelph

  • Fresh perspective and new-age advice on how to market, build brand image, and push a business forward, this is what you get from the 4-month Business Consulting CBaSE program.

    Paul ViceFounder & CEO, GetGrants

Student Projects

Strategic Planning

Provide organizational direction

Business Planning

Help organizations set and reach goals

Market Research

Uncover insights to give organizations a competitive edge

Competitive Analysis

Analyze the market landscape

Social Media Strategy

Help organizations discover the power of social

Communication Strategy

Help organizations reach the right target markets

and much more...

Transform from student into consultant. Within interdisciplinary teams, you will investigate and propose sustainable solutions to real world clients. This course is an incredible opportunity to gain practical skills and discover job opportunities.
Not only will you gain valuable work experience through an applied project, you will also receive a 0.5 credit. No need to stop after one semester either, take the course twice. The Business Consulting course is available in both the fall and winter semester.
This isn’t your average course. Each team is required to independently manage their project throughout the semester.

Earn a course credit working with real-world organizations.

Over 250 students have already worked with over 90 organizations.

Learn about the course

The Business Consulting course is offered as MGMT*4050 (F) and MGMT*4060 (W).

MGMT*4050/4060 is a live and fluid project-based course that engages students with challenges facing community organizations. Project requirements will vary based on the needs of the assigned business. Course activities include group work, meetings with your client, research, progress meetings, reports and presentations. This course relies heavily on commitment and participation by students and expects students treat the course like they would a business environment in the “real world”. The weekly allotted class time is used for weekly 15 minute updates and we meet as a class four times for collaborative sessions.

Students work as consultants in interdisciplinary teams of 2-­4 to investigate and propose sustainable solutions to live cases put forth by real-world clients. There is a midterm presentation and report and a final presentation and report. There are no exams.

High performing 3rd/4th year students from all majors (B.Comm. and beyond) who are ready and willing to challenge the status quo. Students must have a minimum GPA of 70 and at least 10 credits. Although B.Comm. students represent the majority of enrollment, we welcome students from all fields of study at the University of Guelph.

There are no exams, but don't take this course simply for that reason. This course is a rich and rewarding experience to gain practical experience, but it also requires a considerable amount of time and effort.

Projects can entail anything that falls into the realm of the nine CBE majors. Whether it be designing a sustainable business model, conducting a live case study that ties in industry research, or developing a social media marketing strategy.

While preference is given to students who meet the requirements, we are willing to make exceptions if you are able to provide evidence to showcase your skills and knowledge (i.e., extra-curricular activities, work experience, entrepreneurial experience, etc).

Expect to gain valuable “real world” experience through the generation of feasible solutions to real problems facing real organizations
Expect to apply your business knowledge foundation.
Expect to work with a team of driven students.
Expect to gain hands on experience that will be invaluable when you head out into the “real world.”
Expect to meet like minded individuals.
Expect to be creative and problem solve.
Expect to develop your teamwork, project management and leadership skills.
Expect to help your community.
Expect to learn valuable skills from working in a practical setting.
Expect to make a measurable contribution to a business in your community while earning credit for it.

The MCS major accepts MGMT*4050 and MGMT*4060 as a restricted elective that can count towards the E7 capstone credit. If you are from another major, please check in with your faculty advisor.

The Business Consulting course allows students to step outside of academia and put their knowledge to use. You will gain practical real-world experience to put on your resume. In job interviews you can speak to your completed consulting project which will certainly impress prospective employers. Heck, you might even land a job with the client you are paired with during the course. It has happened before.

Different people/groups will take away different skills based on their project, but here are a few you will definitely gain: conceptualization, organization, time management, teamwork, leadership, creativity, problem solving, client management, communication, critical thinking and presentation skills. Ultimately, the more you put into the course, the more you will receive back.

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