Learn How to Start a Business

Starting Lean

Does your team have an idea for a business but don't know where to start? Starting Lean is a four week program based on Silicon Valley Guru Steve Blank's Lean Launchpad course. It pushes teams through all of the pressures and demands of an early stage startup. The program is designed to provide experience in how to work as a team to turn an idea into a company.

Your team will talk to customers, partners, and competitors and encounter the chaos and uncertainty of how a startup works. You’ll practice evidence-based entrepreneurship and learn how to use a business model to brainstorm each part of a company and customer development to get out of the building to see whether anyone other than you would want/use your product or service.

Starting Lean requires around 15-20 hours of work each week to receive the most impact.

What to Expect


Weekly lectures on startup fundamentals


Each team will present findings weekly

Customer Interviews

Teams conduct ten weekly interviews


Learn about tools to help build a startup

Office Hours

Receive one-on-one support when needed


Be a part of a community of other startups


You MUST have a well-formulated idea of the product or service you would like to turn into a business.
You MUST have at least two team members.
You MUST be available for weekly lectures and presentations.

Questions? Send us an email.

Learn more about Starting Lean

Starting Lean is open to anyone with a business idea and a team of at least two people. The program is available to the public and University of Guelph students, staff and faculty members.

The cost is $1,600 per team.

Given there is limited space, we cannot accept teams with more than 4 people.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of start-ups fail. While we hope the program helps increase your chances of success, the main goal of the program is to provide an educational experience to help you become a better entrepreneurial thinker.



More questions? Send us an email.