Dedicated Space to Grow Your Business

The Hub Incubator Program

Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, you can receive the support to grow or begin your startup. The Hub offers UofG students and alumni funding, dedicated office space and access to experienced entrepreneurs. The Hub focuses on helping startups develop a strong business model that can be rigorously tested and intelligently scaled.

The program is available to University of Guelph students and alumni working on innovative projects. Eligible teams must have at least one co-founder who is a current University of Guelph student or alumnus between the ages of 18 to 29. The Hub focuses on businesses in the beverage and food, life sciences, agriculture or social enterprise sectors but all ideas are welcome.

Teams accepted into The Hub are required to complete at least 30 hours of work each week and receiving full funding will be based on teams meeting certain requirements.

The Hub Offers


$8,000* grant to help expedite growth


Access to experienced entrepreneurs

Office Space

Inspiring work and meeting space

Business Services

A network of accessible professionals


Tools and expertise to support growth

Entrepreneurial Workshops

Learn about trends, tools and pertinent topics

With dedicated space that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit, you will be able to better focus on growing your business.
Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road, but not at the Hub. You will be working in a space with other like-minded entrepreneurs who can offer advice, support and motivation.
Having a strong network is an important part of success. We will connect you with business and thought leaders and other young entrepreneurs. You will also have the opportunity to connect with various people at workshops and conferences.

The Hub was an excellent experience for Redtree Robotics. Once we entered the Hub, the backing of the program caused more people to pay attention to us. It also focused our objectives and shifted away from only thinking about technology. They kept us motivated and on track by helping to set our goals and shifting our thinking during each meeting. The $8,000 was helpful since it helped us build the initial prototype and ultimately, connected us to Founderfuel.

Jason Ernst of Red Tree Robotics

Jason ErnstRedtree Robotics, Co-founder

The Application Process

Deadline to apply: November 5, 2017, 11:59PM.
Questions? Send us an email.

* Teams will receive up to $8,000 as certain requirements are met

Learn more about the Hub

No, the Hub is also available to co-founders who are UofG alumni. For students, there must be at least one co-founder who is a full-time UofG student in order to qualify for the Hub.

Yes, UofG alumni are eligible so long as they are a co-founder.

Yes, as long as there is at least one co-founder who is a full-time UofG student OR a UofG alumnus.

The Hub helps students and alumni with an existing enterprise or an idea for an enterprise progress through the initial stages of a start-up, specifically the discovery and validation stages. Participants will utilize their time at the Hub discovering whether or not their enterprise is solving a meaningful problem and validating their enterprise by gauging interest through the exchange of money or attention from their target market.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of start-ups fail. If you tried valiantly and worked hard, we will completely understand. You learn from your failures and become better prepared for future opportunities.

No, this is grant and not a loan. All we ask is that you spend the money responsibly and best utilize it to grow your enterprise. We have checks and balances in place to ensure the money is spent appropriately.

Yes. Students or alumni must have a well-thought out, but unproven new venture idea.

Use our online application located here.

More questions? Send us an email.