Animal Behaviour &
Welfare Seminar Series

The Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare hosts monthly talks on ethology, brain and behaviour, and animal welfare.

Seminars begin at 12:30pm and are held throughout the fall and winter semesters in Room 1800, Pathobiology/AHL, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph.

This seminar series is aimed at graduate students, faculty members and interested undergraduates, however anyone is welcome to attend.

Upcoming ABW Seminars

Upcoming and recent ABW seminars are listed on our homepage

Past ABW Seminars

Dr. Sherri Cox, Executive Director of Research Innovation, University of Guelph
Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation: Welfare and Ethical Considerations
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Dr. Marcus Litman, University of Guelph
ACS 2.0: Emphasizing the "Services" in Animal Care Services

Dr. Victoria Sandilands, Scotland's Rural College
Creating and Housing the Modern Hen, followed by Bringing Science to the Layman

Dr. Gary Varner, Texas A&M University
A Utilitarian Perspective on Companion Animals
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Dr. Tyler Flockhart, University of Guelph
The welfare of animals without owners
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Dr. Michael Von Massow, University of Guelph
Consumer Perspectives on Animal Welfare: What They Think, What They Know and why it Matters
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Dr. Margaret Derry
The Rise of Genetics and its impact on Breeding in the Chicken, Dairy, and Beef Industries

Prof. Kristin Andrews, York University

Anthropomorphism in animal cognition research
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Prof. Kate Shoveller, University of Guelph
Companion animal research: Balancing science, welfare, and public perception
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Prof. Eberhard von Borell, University of Halle-Wittenberg
Animal welfare implications of pig castration and its alternatives

Prof. Bob Montgomerie, Queen's University
Is scientific misconduct 'The Great Betrayal'?

Prof. Wolfgang Kunze, McMaster University
The enteric nervous system: the gatekeeper down under

Prof. Juan Villalba, Utah State University
Homeostasis in living organisms and the case of self-medication

Prof. Bas Rodenburg, Wageningen University
Poultry welfare in the 21st century: Challenges and solutions

Dr. Sandra Olsen, Research Associate in the Biodiversity Institute, University of Kansas
The arduous journey of the Arabian horse: From chariot warfare to today

Prof Bret Tobalske, University of Montana
Bird locomotion on the ground, in the air and in between: Implications for maintaining healthy pets, zoo birds and poultry

Dr. Elke Scheibler, University of Stuttgart
Changes in circadian activity rhythms under the influence of changing species communities under laboratory and field (Mongolian desert) conditions

Prof. Elsa Vasseur, Campus d'Alfred, University of Guelph
Welfare & behaviour in organic dairy research

Prof. Hanno Wuerbel, University of Bern
Refinement of housing conditions and experimental design in lab rodent research

Prof. Paul Andrews, McMaster University
Evidence of adaptive design in depression

Prof. Peggy Mason, University of Chicago
Helping another in distress: Learning from rats

Dr. Alexandra Harlander-Mataushek, University of Guelph
Feather pecking in laying hens

Dr. Martine Hausberger, University de Rennes, France
The relationships between horses and humans: How do horses perceive humans?

Dr. Lindsay Matthews, Instituto G. Caporale Teramo, Italy
Can practical on-farm measures of welfare take account of the physical and mental health of livestock?

Professor Jayson Lusk, Oklahoma State University
How can economists help us understand animal welfare?

Dr. Margit Bak Jensen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Behavioural needs and preferences - are demand functions useful?

Professor Steve Joordens, University of Toronto
Doing unto animals what we would not do unto ourselves: Is animal research justified, or even necessary?

Sofie Lachapelle and Heena Mistry, University of Guelph
From the Waters of the Empire to the Tanks of Paris: The Aquarium of the 1931 Colonial Exposition

Michelle Lem, Ontario Veterinary College
One Health...One Welfare: Pet ownership among the homeless and socially marginalized

Professor Kenneth Sufka, University of Mississippi
Cognitive bias in chick models of anxiety and depression

Dr. Jens Malmkvist, Aarhus University, Denmark
Stereotypic behaviour, stress and hippocampal neurogenesis in

Dr. Maja Makagon, Michigan State Universit
Management strategies and welfare on commercial duck farms

Professor Georgia Mason, University of Guelph
Welfare implications of controlling pest rodents

Dr. John Cranfield, University of Guelph

Consumer willingness to pay for animal welfare-friendly products

Dr. Lee Niel, University of Guelph

Gas euthanasia methods for rodents: Is there a humane option?

Dr. Susan Nance, University of Guelph

A Star is Born to Buck: The Codes, Commerce and Controversies of Rodeo’s Bovine Athletes

Dr. Marina Ponzio, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina

Fur chewing and welfare of chinchillas

Dr. Vicky Sandilands, Scottish Agricultural College

Feeding the broiler breeder: a welfare dilemma

Dr. Katie Gilmour, University of Ottawa

Stress responses and social status in rainbow trout

Dr. Trevor de Vries, University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus

Not just what dairy cattle are given to eat, but how they eat it...

Dr. Cate Dewey, University of Guelph

Kenya: Pigs and Children competing for food

Dr. Colin Allen, Indiana University

What does animal welfare science need from definitions of pain and emotion?

Dr. Don Lay, Purdue University

Using physiology and behaviour to assess welfare in farm animals: Research of the United States Department of Agriculture

Dr. Oliver Love, University of Windsor

Programming offspring phenotype through maternal stress: is my mother helping or harming me?

Brianna Gaskill, Purdue University
Some like it hot: Impact of nesting material on thermoregulation in laboratory mice

Dr. Derek Haley, University of Guelph
Moooo-ving around Canada, studying cattle behaviour as I go

Dr. Charlotte Burn, University of London
Doing the donkey work: using science to improve working equine welfare in developing countries

Dr. Adam Anderson, University of Toronto
Form and function in facial expressions of emotion

Professor Todd Duffield, University of Guelph
Strategies to minimize pain when dehorning calves

Megan Jones, Witswatersrand University., South Africa
Born free: the striped mouse as a model of stereotypic behaviour in captive wild animals

Professor Tina Widowski, University of Guelph
'Urges', 'Needs', 'Priorities', 'Preferences'... Coming to terms with the welfare of laying hens