Selected Publications

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Marcoux, H.M., L.D. Daniels, S.E. Gergel, E. Da Silva, Z. Gedalof and P.F. Hessburg (2015). Differentiating mixed- and high-severity fire regimes in mixed-conifer forests of the Canadian Cordillera. Forest Ecology and Management 341: 45-58.

Al-Bakri, J.T., L. Brown, Z. Gedalof, A. Berg, W. Nickling, S. Khresat, M. Salahatd and H. Saoub (2014). Modelling desertification risk in the north-west of Jordan using geospatial and remote sensing techniques. Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk: DOI:10.1080/19475705.19472014.19945102.

Hager, H.A., S.E. Sinasac, Z. Gedalof and J.A. Newman (2014). Predicting potential global distributions of two Miscanthus grasses: Implications for horticulture, biofuel production, and biological invasions. PLoS ONE 9: doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0100032.

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Gedalof, Z. (2011). Climate and Spatial Patterns of Wildfire. The Landscape Ecology of Fire. D. McKenzie, D. Falk and C. Miller, Eds., Springer: 89-116.  Buy at Amazon

Newman, J.A., M. Anand, H.A.L. Henry, S. Hunt and Z. Gedalof (2011). Climate Change Biology. Cambridge, CABI.  Buy at Amazon

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