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SOAN*4320 & ISS*4320 Transition From School to Work

Both theses courses are aimed at students in semester 7 or above (if space permits, some students in earlier semesters may be added with the Instructor's approval). The courses are capped at 30 students.

Course Format: Seminar style with applied workshops, class discussions, guest speakers, and student (solo and team) presentations. Guest speakers will include career development professionals, alumni, and employers.

Course Description:

Transition from School to Work: We will look at the changes taking place in organizations and work, and the general skills needed by university graduates in the workplace. The on-going changes in organizations & flatter structures, less management, team approaches, employee empowerment & have changed the way work is accomplished and, in turn, have created a need for a combination of generalist and specialist skills in advanced level jobs. Transition issues, such as the change from the role of 'student' to 'employee' or 'entrepreneur,' will be studied.

Within the transition theme each student will prepare a Skills Portfolio containing a personal mission statement, an intellectual autobiography, résumés in alternative formats, example cover letters, record of job interviewing experience, and a presentation (with support material) of the development of skills in each of the four "Bases of Competence:" Managing Self, Communicating, Managing People & Tasks, and Mobilizing Innovation & Change (Evers, Rush & Berdrow. The Bases of Competence: Skills for Lifelong Learning and Employability. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1998). Skills Portfolios have been shown to be an excellent way to reflect on education and work experience and prepare for job searching, job interviews, and career development.


Fall 2003 Offering


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