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Brief Biography

Melody Wren is the Office Coordinator for the Educational Research and Development Unit at the University of Guelph.

Melody has been with the university for a long time, most recently in the Vice-President (Academic) Offices. She was with the Assistant Vice-President (Academic) for several years before joining ERDU.

Currently, Wren is assisting Mitchell and Evers on Guelph research projects and the new University of Guelph-Humber's curriculum development processes. In addition, Wren is working with Kate Revington, Coordinator of the University of Guelph's undergraduate curriculum.

Wren's interests are writing, languages, travelling and yoga.

Wren has written a book; Tea Rooms of Ontario and lectures on the history, rituals, and traditions of tea.

Melody will be spending Fall semester 2005 in London, England with 25 University of Guelph students on the "London Semester". While In London, Wren will be taking courses at London City University, as well as working on a new book .




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