India Semester Abroad

India Semester Abroad

University of Guelph

  An informal pre-departure orientation from a participant’s perspective.




Academic: The University of Guelph India Semester, 2008

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Guelph India Semester, 2008: basic info

Location; The semester is split between two locations. The first is, in student residence Mysore (Karnataka, South India) and the second is at the University of Rajasthan, in Jaipur, in the North where students live in Indian homes.

Semester duration: about the same as regular semester.

Who can participate: any student from any area of study who is registered at the University of Guelph and who has completed 3 semesters by December 2007 and has maintained at least a B average Travel as a group for 3-4 weeks (in total), and with some lectures en route, is an integral and obligatory feature of the program.

Courses available in India

All India semester students must register for at least four courses and complete a minimum of three. Failure to do so will result in no course credits being earned. No more than 5 courses (excluding IDEV*4150 –see below) can be taken. At the same time, students should anticipate that completing five courses will require unusual commitment on their part, as there are many field trips and coping with the new environment is demanding.

The following courses will very likely be offered in winter 2008 (subject to availability of faculty):

ISS*3240 India Studies in the Social Sciences
HUMN*3240 India Studies in the Humanities
POL*3890 Government and Politics of India
WMST*3510 Directed Readings in Women’s Studies
ENVB*3040 Natural Chemicals in the Environment (very suitable to BA students as a science requirement)
IDEV*3200 Independent Study Option.

ECON*2100 Environmental Economics **
ECON*2650 Introduction to Development Economics**. Both are offered but only one of the Econ courses can be registered for.

IDEV*4190 Regional Content (.25 credits) – orientation, begun in Fall 2005 obligatory for all full time students in the Fall of 2007 (but should be registered for and completed for in Winter 2008.

COURSE OFFERINGS SHOULD BE FIRMED UP MORE FULLY FIRST BEFROE PRE-REGISTRATION IN Feb. 2007 AND THEN ADJUSTED IN LATER IN THE YEAR.  Students may do one other course supervised by a Guelph faculty member. One distance course might also be taken.




How Much Does the Semester Cost?

The following are estimates (possibly somewhat on the high side) 

Tuition (this is the same as in Guelph minus athletics fees and bus pass, but including medical) – estimates at approx $2400
Travel (to and from India, 6 months) $1800- 2000 (difficult to estimate)Food/Lodging/travel in India  - $1900
Miscellaneous (Visa fee, health insurance etc) $ 300     

Total around $6,550.

Students should bring at least an additional $800 for entertainment, meals while traveling etc. hence total would be $7,400. These estimates do not include any expenses incurred after the semester ends in early to mid April. Many students travel after the semester ends until their typically 6 month plane tickets expire.

OSAP should still be available to India semester students, but you will need to arrange for earlier payment. Some scholarships are available.

Who is in charge?

The India Semester Co-ordinator for 2008 is Professor Gauri Mittal, School of Engineering (Ext. 52431; Alternatively you can contact Professor Terry Crowley, Chair, India Semester Committee (Ext. 56529;



Application Prodcedure

 For students who are in their third or higher semester in Fall 2006, selection for Winter 2006 will likely begin during the late fall of 2006. Applications due by 26 JANUARY 2007. Interviews will take place in early February 2007.

Download application forms from the India Semester website at the Center for International Programs



The above information is the best available at this time, but is subject to change.

Updated: 2006 November 16