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Here are some of the exciting and innovative ways our instructors have been using D2L.


   Getting Started with CourseLink

   Getting Started with ePortfolios

 CourseLink Tips

The following tips will get you up and running on the new CourseLink system.

Logging in

  • Navigate to: https://courselink.uoguelph.ca
  • Login using your University of Guelph Central Login Account (these are the same credentials you use for accessing Gryph Mail).

Desire2Learn supports most browsers, however we recommend Firefox 3

Seeing your courses

  • The My Courses box (Located in the centre of your page) lists all the courses you have access to. Click on the course title to access the course.
  • Your courses are divided into different tabs, depending on your role. You may have to switch tabs to see a course.
  • You many need to click on the plus sign to expand the course list.

Browsing your course

  • Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to explore the different tools that your instructor may be using.

There are also links to My Home, Email and Logout.

Finding content

  • Most courses use the Content tool to display course materials. The Content tool link can usually be found on the navigation bar.

Instructors have the capability to present course materials in many ways. You may find some courses which do no use the Content tool at all.

Rights and Responsibilities

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the University policies regarding your Rights and Responsibilities at http://www.uoguelph.ca/courselink/policies.html