Frequently Asked Questions

Which login method do I use to access CourseLink?

There are two login methods for CourseLink; one for users with a University of Guelph Central Login Account, and one for users that have been given a Visitor account specific to CourseLink.

Users with a University of Guelph Central Login Account

If you have a University of Guelph Central Login Account, then you will be able to access CourseLink using these credentials by clicking the 'Login' button on the CourseLink homepage. This access method uses Single Sign On, meaning you will either be prompted for your credentials, or will be automatically logged into the system if you have an existing Single Sign-On session.

If you are one of the following members of the University of Guelph community, then you are likely to have a Central Login Account:

  • Students (including Open Learning Program students)
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Users with a CourseLink Visitor account

If you have been given a CourseLink Visitor account, then you must login to CourseLink by navigating to the CourseLink homepage, clicking on 'CourseLink Visitor Login' and entering your credentials in the login box. CourseLink Visitor accounts are generally given to people who are external to the university, but require access to courses or resources within CourseLink.

Why can't I login to CourseLink?

Users with a University of Guelph Central Login Account

Firstly, ensure you are using the appropriate login method to access CourseLink.

Members of the university community should be logging in using their University of Guelph Central Login Account. If you are having issues with your Central Login Account such as forgetting your username and/or password, please use one of the Central Login Account Utilities provided by CCS. Additionally, you can contact CCS Help at or x58888.

Not every person with a Central Login Account has access to CourseLink. Only users who have some affiliation with one of the online courses or resources in the system will be able to successfully login. If your account is not in CourseLink, you will receive a message informing you of this when you attempt to login.

If you receive this message and know that you should have access to the system, please contact for assistance.

Users with a CourseLink Visitor account

Firstly, ensure you are using the appropriate login method to access CourseLink.

If you are unable to login using your CourseLink Visitor account, or you forget the username and/or password, contact for assistance.

Why is my course missing in CourseLink?

As a student

There are several reasons why a course your are enrolled in may not show up but in general, you should not concern yourself with what courses are showing up in your course list until the semester has started. WebAdvisor is your official record of enrollment and as long as your courses are listed correctly there, everything else will sort itself out.

If you make changes to your course enrollments on WebAdvisor, CourseLink will not be reflect these changes until the following business day. There may be further delay if there are factors which are impacting your enrollment approval on WebAdvisor (things such as exemptions, required prerequisites, account issues, etc.). Dropped courses will be removed from CourseLink.

University of Guelph courses are not required to have an online component in CourseLink. As such, there are courses which do not utilize CourseLink and will not show up in the system. Your instructors should inform you at the beginning of the semester if they intend on using CourseLink.

A course may be using CourseLink, but not yet be activated for students yet. This means the course exists, but is not yet being displayed.

As an instructor

Courses are not created automatically- you must request your course(s) before each semester using our Course Request Form. If you are the instructor of a Distance Education course, you must request your course through Open Learning and Educational Support.

When do I get access to my courses and for how long?

As a student

The start date of most courses first day of class for a given semester. If your course is not yet accessible, you should see a start date listed beside your course listing telling when it will become available.

The end date of most courses is after the end of the exam period for a given semester. After this date, you will no longer be able to access the course and you should see a date listed beside your course listing telling you when the course ended.

Some courses may have different start/end dates depending on how your course is structured.

As an instructor

You will have indefinite access to your course from the time it is created.

How must my computer be configured to use CourseLink?

All this information can be found on our System Requirements page.


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