Several courses on campus use the i>Clicker system. This system allows students to actively participate in classroom discussions/quizzes/surveys through the use of a wireless i>Clicker. Instructors pose questions which you can then respond to using your own i>Clicker. The class responses can then be collected and tabulated by the instructor in real time.

Acquiring an i>Clicker

  • i>Clickers are not provided by the instructor- you must purchase your own
  • New i>Clickers can be purchased at the University Bookstore
  • Used i>Clickers (as they become available) can also be purchased
  • The University Bookstore will buy back used i>Clickers
If you decide to give/sell your i>clicker to another person, you must first deregister it. If you do not deregister, then any future responses given by that i>clicker will still be registered to you. You can deregister your i>clicker on the i>Clicker registration page.

Registering an i>Clicker

  • You must register your i>Clicker at the beginning of each semester on order to use it.
  • Register on the i>clicker registration page
  • You can use a single i>Clicker for all of your courses
  • You can only have one i>Clicker registered at a time

Additional information can be found on the i>Clickers at Guelph page.


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