Rights and Responsibilities

Welcome to your online learning environment! Course websites are considered an extension of your physical classroom, so the same protections, expectations, guidelines, and regulations used in face-to-face settings apply, plus other policies and considerations that come into play specifically because these courses are online. These policies help ensure that everyone can learn in a safe, open environment.

By using this service, you agree to comply to the policies listed below. Before you start your course, take a few moments to get familiar with your rights and responsibilities when teaching & learning online.

Examples of situations that arise in online courses

  • disrupting the class by posting inflammatory messages about the instructor or fellow students
  • using obscene or offensive language in messages

See: Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • copying someone else's work
  • presenting someone else's work as your own
  • copying information off the web without proper citation
  • buying or selling papers or assignments
  • having someone else take your quiz or doing a quiz for/with someone
  • making false claims about losing one's quiz answers or another submission

See: Academic Misconduct Regulations in Calendar, Academic Integrity Tutorial

  • harassing or threatening a student or instructor in messages
  • discrimination involving anyone in the course: students, TAs, instructor

See: Human Rights at the University of Guelph, Human Rights and Equity Office

  • using the course site to promote profit-driven products or services
  • attempting to compromise the security of the system
  • giving someone else your username and password
  • deliberately trying to slow down or crash the system

See: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) For UoG Computing and Networking Facilities

  • grades and other personal information remain confidential and are not shared with anyone except authorized agents of the University without consent of the student.
  • course access is normally limited to current students, instructors, TAs, and authorized support staff.

See: Access and Privacy Guidelines


Whether you are a student, TA, faculty, or staff, if you witness or experience an infraction involving one of these policies, it is your responsibility to make it known to the instructor, your superior, or the appropriate agent identified in the documents listed above.

It's Academic

Learning online is different from in-class learning and even recreational internet use and may take some adjustment. Take a look at these tips on everything from finding information to having online discussions with your peers.

Tracking in the Online Learning System

Please be aware that the online learning management software tracks and records all user activity. While this information is kept strictly confidential, course instructors and administrators have access to this tracking information. The appropriate University personnel or other authorities may request these records from the CourseLink system administrators as evidence in cases involving the policies above, and this information can support or refute claims made by parties involved.


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