For Prospective Students

A program in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences provides countless opportunities to develop skills that are valuable to a range of interests and careers.  

Depending on which program you choose, you can take advantage of our cross-disciplinary approaches by tailoring your degree through your choice of major and your selection of elective courses.  This page will provide more information on extracurricular activities such as clubs, volunteering, research assistantships and student governance bodies.  This page will also offer information on a wide range of available resources and support services, such as our program advisors, student orrganizations, Recruit Guelph, the Center for International Programs (CiP), as well as numerous bursaries and scholarships available to assist you in this journey.

Have Questions? 

Don't hesitate to send us an email at You can also try asking Gryph, an online system that gives you instant answers to a range of questions related to the Universty of Guelph.