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Current Issue

Issue # 26

Shaping the Future for Laying Hens ▪ B4 U Get a Pet ▪ Saputo Dairy Care Program ▪ Animal Memorial Services at the University of Guelph ▪ Teaching and Reaching the Children ▪ Gayle Ecker Wins Prestigious Equine Industry Vision Award ▪ University of Guelph Celebrates Success at Welfare Judging Competition ▪ Top Video Prize Awarded to Catalina Medrano-Galarza ▪ First Ever Innovation Grant Awarded to Dr. Katrina Merkies ▪ Behaviour and Welfare Seminar Series


Past Issues

25th Anniversary Issue

Celebrating 25 years! ▪ From the Director ▪ Mona Campbell: The Woman Behind the Name ▪ Dr. David Porter ▪ Dr. Frank Hurnik ▪ Dr. Ian Duncan ▪ An Evolving Field - Twenty Years of Animal Welfare Science ▪ Master's by Coursework Program a Success ▪ Where Are They Now? ▪ U of G and CCSAW Honour Eminent Scientists


Issue #24

Captive Animals Show Signs of Boredom ▪ Toward Routine Pain Relief for Pigs ▪ 6th Annual Animal Welfare Research Symposium ▪ CCSAW on Parliament Hill ▪ 'Going to the Vet' is no Party for Most Pets ▪ Alternative Feeding Strategies Improve Broiler Breeder Welfare ▪ New Online Equine Welfare Certificate Program ▪ Cargill Animal Nutrition Young Scientist Award ▪ Dairy Cattle Welfare Symposium ▪ Where Are They Now? ▪ Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Contest ▪ Graduate Thesis Successfully Defended

Issue #23
Zoo Animal Comfort ▪ Calling All Parrot Owners! ▪ Organic Dairy Research at Alfred Campus ▪ Rehabilitating the Bile-Farmed Moon Bear ▪ Dr. Temple Grandin Receives Honorary Degree ▪ Profile: Dr. Alice Hovorka ▪ Animal Welfare in Taiwan: How Things Have Changed! ▪ WAFL Conference Overview ▪ Dr. Ken Leslie: Making Strides in Dairy Welfare Improvements ▪ Alternative Housing Systems for Laying Hens ▪ Out in the Work Force ▪ U of G Sweeps Animal Welfare Judging Competition! ▪ Measuring the Unmeasureable ▪ Student Chapter Going Strong! ▪ 5th Annual Animal Welfare Symposium ▪ Scholarships Support Training of Highly Qualified Personnel ▪ Events

Issue #22
Bang for Buck: Improving Shelter Dog Welfare ▪ I'm Not Going There! ▪ New Website Looks at Animal Welfare Claims ▪ Ian Duncan Awarded Medal ▪ CCSAW Awarded KTT Funding ▪ Providing Expertise to Codes of Practice Revision ▪ U of Guelph Names New Animal Welfare Chairs ▪ CCSAW Director Awarded Egg Farmers of Canada Chair in Poultry Welfare ▪ A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words ▪ Stuart Little is Drowning! ▪ Improving Dairy Cattle and Heifer Welfare ▪ F.W. Presant Memorial Lecture: Vicky Sandilands ▪ Animal Behaviour and Welfare Seminar Series ▪ OVC Symposium a Hit wtih Pet Owners ▪ Growing by Leaps and Bounds! ▪ Events

Issue #21
Comfort at a Cost? ▪ Third Annual Animal Welfare Symposium ▪ OSPCA Agent Training ▪ Getting to the Root of the Matter: Tusk Trimming Boars ▪ Culling Turkeys Safely and Humanely ▪ Gambling, Greyhounds, and the "Great Recession" ▪ Toward Zen in the Sheep Pen ▪ The Transport Truck: A Pig's Eye View ▪ 9th Annual Animal Welfare Judging Competition ▪ Distance Education at U of G ▪ Events


Issue #20
The Empty nest: Welfare of the Lab Mouse ▪ CCSAW Director Goes Down Under ▪ CCSAW Research Symposium ▪ Animal Advocate Leaves 7.5 Million to OVC/U of G ▪ Poultry Welfare Cluster Established at U of G  ▪ Limiting Lameness: Dairy Cattle Welfare ▪ Doing the Donkey Work: Working Equine Welfare ▪ Basil Capes Memorial Lecture: Dr. Peter Singer ▪ MSc. Program Specializing in Animal Welfare a Success ▪ Campbell Centre Welcomes Dr. Derek Haley ▪ CCSAW Students Making a Difference ▪ Events

Issue #19
Travelling light: The Answer for Thailand's Talented Elephants ▪ Cleaning Cages Makes a Meal of Lab Rats Own Young ▪ Time to Shine! CCSAW Animal Welfare Research Symposium ▪ What the Animals Have to Say ▪ Barbering in Mice as a Model System, and it's Implications for Human Health and Animal Welfare ▪ Let's Talk, Not Squak, About Happy Hens ▪ Dr. Temple Grandin Brings Down the House! ▪ Where Are They Now? ▪ Open wide! A Closer Look Inside the Pig's Mouth

Issue #18
Farm Animal Welfare Here and Abroad – How are we doing?  ▪  Bellynosing in piglets – Why they do it, and what does it say about their welfare?  ▪  Identifying Lameness in Dairy Cattle  ▪  The CCSAW chicks had the “Royal Suite” at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!!  ▪  Observing social behaviour can aid in early detection of illness  ▪  Graduate Training in Animal Welfare – We now have even more to offer

Issue #17
Rider and Horse: Is Fear Transferable  ▪  Egg Labelling and Hen Welfare  ▪  A Closer Look at Poultry Transport Emergencies  ▪  Spotlight on Faculty  ▪  New Cancer Centre  ▪  Caring During Crisis  ▪  Better Breeding: The Answer for Laying Hen Welfare?  ▪  Animal Welfare Judging Competition: U of G Takes Honours


Issue #16
Behaviour Problems at the Racetrack  ▪  Animal Welfare Issues in the Press  ▪  Disease Outbreaks and Mass Euthanasia  ▪  Celebrating a Pioneering Career in Animal Welfare Science: Dr. Ian Duncan  ▪  Spotlight on Faculty  ▪  Aspects on Sentience and Pain Perception in Fishes  ▪  F.W. Presant Memorial Lecture: Building a Better World for Dairy Cattle


Issue #15
Solving the Problems of Boar Aggression  ▪  Animal Welfare Issues in the Press  ▪  Pursuing the Edge: Ethics of Performance Enhancement in Horses  ▪  Rat Welfare Problems: Sniffing Out Solutions  ▪  The Basil Capes Memorial Lecture: Emerging Social Ethics for Animals  ▪  OVC Student Improves Rabbit Welfare  ▪  7th Annual Animal Welfare Forum


Issue #14
Dogs on duty: How can we meet their unique needs?  ▪  In the news...  ▪  Dehorning in Ontario  ▪  Calmer pigs  ▪  Sentience: A brief history  ▪  Spotlight on faculty: Dr. Tina Widowski  ▪  Public lectures  ▪  6th Annual Animal Welfare Forum



Issue #13
Cows are larger but stalls are not: Comfort and productivity affected  ▪  In the news...  ▪  Spotlight on faculty: Dr. Karol Mathews  ▪  Animal Behaviour and Welfare Seminar Series  ▪  Thinking about Cows and Cockroaches  ▪  OFAC and Animal Welfare


Issue #12
Alternative housing systems for sows  ▪  In the news...  ▪  KFC supplier (USA) accused of animal abuse  ▪  Opportunities for further study at U of G in laboratory animal science  ▪  Environmental enrichment at the Toronto Zoo  ▪  Spotlight on faculty: Dr. Georgia Mason  ▪  Increased welfare leads to increased productivity  ▪  Ontario Veterinary Animal Welfare Club: Fifth annual animal welfare forum


Issue #11
Do fish experience fear?  ▪  New Pig Health and Welfare Standards in Britain Similar to Canadian Program  ▪  Canada introduces more codes of practice  ▪  Do laboratory rats benefit from more cage space?  ▪  Clinical veterinarian at animal care services offers researchers additional resource  ▪  Horse behaviour research: How do horses decide who they like to be with?  ▪  Spotlight on faculty: Dr. Suzanne Millman  ▪  How much is too much? Assessing pain in farm animals

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