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Issue # 10 Can pigs count the minutes?  ▪  Gas stunning studied  ▪  Do fish have psychological needs?  ▪  Freedom Food  ▪  New blood sampling method minimized pre-anaesthesia stress in mice  ▪  Spotlight on associated faculty: A fond farewell to associated members  ▪  A dog's best friend? Clashing Culture values of the domestic dog

Issue #9
Manitoba farmers face up to welfare issues  ▪  Stray dogs a major problem in Taiwan  ▪  Taiwan hosts first ever Asian animal welfare conference  ▪  Why are broiler breeder roosters so aggressive?  ▪  Students take a stand on animal amusements  ▪  Spotlight on associated faculty: Dr. Hank Davis  ▪  CSAW public lectures

Issue #7
We have a new name!  ▪  Public lecturer: Dr. Temple Grandin  ▪  Poultry Welfare: Heads or tails? Straight lines or circles?  ▪  At one with nature? Human attitudes to animals  ▪  Student Chapter: How do chickens vote?  ▪  Building a better cow house  ▪  Laboratory animals

Issue #6
Healing the whole animal – clinical animal behaviour  ▪  Ethics and welfare in the classroom  ▪  Cambridge animal welfare chair pulls no punches  ▪  Research Report: Chickens have spoken  ▪  A tribute to David G. Porter  ▪  Aggressive males receive research competition reward

Issue #5
Farm animal welfare in Canada - past, present and future  ▪  Animal Welfare at U of G Library  ▪  Using frog embryos as an alternative to pregnant mice and rats for teratogenicity testing  ▪  Future egg production in Sweden  ▪  Animal care Committees – Responsibility in Action

Issue #4
Developing an alternative farrowing unit for sows  ▪  Enriching the environment of research sheep  ▪  Abdominal surrogates teach veterinary surgery  ▪  Behavioural response of chickens to non-optimal environmental conditions  ▪  Acknowledging the role of animals at the University of Guelph  ▪  Associated faculty receive research awards  ▪  Welfare of poultry discussed in Europe

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