Updates: Please see updated instructions for presenters.

ESC-ESO 2013 Logo

The Entomological Society of Ontario and the Entomological Society of Canada invite you to the 2013 Joint Annual Meeting in Guelph, Ontario to celebrate their Sesquicentennial Anniversary. In recognition of the 150th Anniversary, we are extending the conference to four full days and including a wide range of symposia, workshops and associated events, running from Sunday, October 20 to Wednesday, October 23, 2013.

Program Highlights

  • Plenary Symposium and Heritage Lecture: The plenary symposium is designed to celebrate the history of the ESC and ESO, include a range of entomological topics, and highlight the success of Canadian entomological education.
  • Graduate Student Showcase
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management
  • Beneficial Arthropod Health and Agroecosystems
  • New Technologies for Investigating Old Ecological Problems
  • Application of Insect Genomics in Canada: Problems of the Past, Solutions of the Future.
  • The Canadian Pollination Initiative:  5 Years of Integrative Research Addressing Pollination Decline in Canada.
  • How Insects Work: Highlighting Research into Insect Physiology and Biochemistry.
  • The Science of Emerald Ash Borer: Where Are We After 10 Years of Research?
  • Challenges of Insect Management in Stored Products.
  • Orchids & Insects.
  • Biological Survey of Canada Symposium.
  • Canadian Forum for Biological Control Symposium.
  • Student paper and poster competitions
  • Regular paper and poster sessions
  • Lunch-time workshops
  • Curation Blitz
  • Associated events on Saturday and Thursday with separate registration.

NEW THIS YEAR: Lunches (Mon-Wed) are included in registration; Full day scientific program on Wednesday.