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Point Pelee, Pelee Island, Lake Erie Islands Species List

2009 update

S.A. Marshall, S. Paiero, M. Buck,


The University of Guelph Insect collection has a long history of survey work at Point Pelee National Park, starting with regular collecting trips arranged by D.H. Pengelly in the 1970's and continuing to the present day, with S.A. Marshall leading the project since 1982. Several reports on insect diversity in the Park have been submitted by S.A. Marshall and his students and associates, especially M. Buck, S. Paiero and O. Lonsdale. We have reported on many rare insects from the park and the nearby Lake Erie Islands, and maintained a complete list of identified Pelee and area specimens in the University of Guelph Insect Collection. Currently the Guelph collection houses close to 30,000 specimen records from Point Pelee and the Lake Erie Islands. Most of these are incorporated into an extensive BIOTA specimen database that was used to generate the species list attached below. Although the appended lists, including some 2500 species from Point Pelee and 500 species from the Lake Erie islands, are significant, many provincially and nationally significant insect species undoubtedly remain undocumented in Point Pelee National Park and the nearby islands. We are continuing our 30 year tradition of building the baseline collection and associated electronic database as part of a continuing, albeit unfunded, inventory of the area.


Point Pelee National Park Species List

Lake Erie Islands Species List