School of Engineering Atrium

Booking Request

All requests for bookings must be submitted on the SOE online Atrium Booking Request Form and is subject to the School of Engineering Director’s approval.

The Atrium remains open at all times.   Events which require the Atrium to be closed to the public may only be held as follows:

  • Fall & Winter semesters:
    Limited; available only for SOE special events during weekday regular working hours (after 4 PM and weekends for SOE & CPES special events that are not related to SOE teaching)
  • Summer semester:
    Available for SOE/CPES events and other University of Guelph functions


  • SOE Teaching and Academic related functions (includes Coop program) will be handled by SOE technicians (coordinated by Phil Watson, Lab Manager)
  • SOE Research and other departments: Event organizer’s responsibility (if needed instructions on how to move and store furniture will be provided by SOE)
  • It is the event organizers responsibility to put the furniture back according to the original furniture layout.  If additional cleanup is needed the event organizer will be charged. 


  • SOE events will be handled internally (technicians within regular working hours)
  • External to SOE - Event organizer’s responsibility and operation of the equipment by a TSS technician only (cost of technician not included in rental fee)

OTHER ARRANGEMENTS: (Physical Resources -tables, chairs/Hospitality/Podium, etc)

  • SOE Events Academic and Teaching Related:
    - Undergraduate Program:  Nicola Ferguson, Undergraduate Secretary
    - Graduate Program: Laurie Gallinger, Graduate Secretary
    - School Events: Lucy Cremasco, Secretary to the Director
  • Research/External departments – Event organizer’s responsibility


  • Phil Watson, Lab Manager

The rental fee, excluding SOE and CPES events, $500/half day, $750 for 6 hours or more, includes the use of the space and equipment (not technician time).   Use of the equipment by departments, other than the School of Engineering, must be performed by a TSS technician, arranged for and paid by the event organizer.

*If event involves removal of furniture, THRN 1427 will need to be reserved for furniture storage, including setup and clean up time. 

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