Environmental Engineering

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Guelph Engineering students experience Engineering Design from the moment they walk in the door.  At Guelph, you will take part in our integrated approach to engineering design starting immediately in your first semester. Your design experience continues to build in each year of your program and many 3rd and 4th year courses have a large design component built directly into the curriculum. 

Capstone Design Project

In your final year, you will work with students from multiple engineering disciplines to complete a final design project that focuses on your area of interest.  This capstone course allows students to complete a project from beginning to end, in their chosen field and under the guidance of a faculty advisor.  The comprehensive design course prepares our students to envision and develop new and effective solutions to issues in our world.

Examples of Environmental Engineering capstone design projects are: 

  • Airborne Contaminant Emergency Response System
  • Renewable Energy and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Microbial Fuel Cells for Rural Electrification
  • Arsenic Remediation for Groundwater in Bangladesh
  • Eastview Landfill Leachate Remediation
  • Green Power Recovery and Security System
  • City of Guelph Stormwater Management Dry Pond Retrofit
  • Nitrite Reduction of Industrial Wastewater
  • Innovative Greenhouse Wastewater Treatment System – Costa Rica
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