Campus Events

February 11, 2013

BetterPlanet Project Speaker Series

The BetterPlanet Project Speaker Series presents "Making it a More Sustainable World of Business." Join CME business professor Rumina Dhalla, who is trying to find ways to push her students and colleagues to make sustainability part of every U of G commerce program and activity. In the business world, she says, "We have seen an inexorable shift towards increased environmental and social responsibility, and we are excited about this change and the opportunities it creates for our students."

Dhalla will talk about her research in corporate sustainability and social responsibility, and how important it is to have a new and fresh perspective in today's world. "When you read newspaper articles or look at research," she says, "I want you to challenge assumptions we hold and seek out innovative solutions that create not only economic value but environmental and social benefits as well."

Time: Noon to 1 p.m.

Location: University Centre, Room 103

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