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March 01, 2013

Reclaiming Beauty Video Project

The Reclaiming Beauty Video Project is looking for proposals for a three-minute video produced by you on what you consider to be beautiful and desirable.

Provide an alternative to mainstream media's single representation of the normal, idealized body and the resulting exclusion of men and women living with a body difference or disability.

Send a one-page written submission with the following information:

- What will we see in your video?
- How is this inclusive of difference or disability?
- Why should people see this?
- Why are you the one telling this story?

If your proposal is selected, we will help you create your video from start to finish at REDLAB, a new state-of-the-art multimedia lab and expressive arts institute on campus.

You will attend a free two-day storytelling and video production intensive held on March 9 and 10, plus you'll receive $50 for your participation. No video experience or equipment is required. The deadline for submissions is March 1.

This project is a partnership between the Wellness Centre, Project ReVision and Prof. Carla Rice, a leader in the field of body image and Canada Research Chair in Care, Gender and Relationships at the University of Guelph.

Winning submissions will be screened on campus and considered for Rice's classroom, clinical and community talks during her tenure as Canada Research Chair. Video samples will be posted soon.

Please send submissions to Melanie Bowman at

For more information, visit

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