Joining the UofG


The University of Guelph has a strong commitment to interdisciplinary programs, collaboration and the integration of teaching and research. Our faculty contribute to a vibrant learning environment that brings new knowledge into the classroom, gives students the opportunity to share in the excitement of discovery and empowers students to assume more responsibility for their own learning.

U of G students boast the highest entering average in Canada for a comprehensive university, and we ensure that students thrive and excel by offering extensive student support programs.

We support faculty by providing opportunities for collaborative work, embracing new teaching technologies and welcoming creative approaches to curriculum design. Guelph spends more on instruction and research costs (measured as a percentage of its total expenditures) than most other universities in Ontario - well above the provincial average. And the University spends the least on central administrative costs measured as a percentage of total expenditures.

Our faculty also enjoy a collegial spirit among colleagues and dynamic student-teacher relationships that enhance the academic environment and promote scholarship. Helping new teachers succeed is a campus-wide effort, and a special Teaching Support Services unit enables faculty to develop effective and innovative teaching methods.

The results of this commitment are reflected in the success of both faculty and students - Guelph has the highest graduation rate among comprehensive universities in Canada. Guelph has won the most number of 317 Fellow Teaching Awards than any other comparably - sized University in Canada. The University faculty includes 19 fellows of the Royal Society of Canada with 14 faculty receiving 3M Teaching Fellowships for excellence and leadership in teaching.

For highlights of teaching and learning innovations on campus, see Teaching Matters.
For information about programs and services offered please visit Open Learning and Educational Support