Getting Settled

Pet Care

Guelph is well served by pet care facilities. There are 30 veterinarians in the surrounding area, 13 in the city. In addition, the Ontario Veterinary College provides a wide range of specialty services including;

Canine Blood Donor Program
Pet Loss Support Hotline
Ontario Veterinary Health Sciences Centre

Primary Healthcare Centre
- The Hill's Pet Nutrition Primary Healthcare Centre at the Ontario Veterinary College offers inviograting and socially healthy opportunities for like-minded pooch pals to make a day of it. We boast starte of the art facilities and top notch care. Call us for more details or visit the website.

In addition, Animal Care Services sells pet supplies and offers volunteer programs working with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or rats.

For Dog Owners

The city website outlines the municipal by-laws for dog owners. While generally dogs must be leashed, the city has designated leash-free zones in local parks. Dog licenses are available at various locations in the city. Check here for details and costs.

Find a veterinarian

As well as providing tips on pet care and pet health, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association provides a list of local vets.

Adopt a pet

You can adopt a pet through the local Humane Society

Animal Hospitals

The community is well served by small animal veterinary facilities including at home care. Check the Yellow Pages for Guelph under Veterinarians for animal hospitals and veterinary clinics.

Boarding, Kennel and Grooming Facilities

There are over a dozen kennels in the surrounding area, including specialized boarding facilities for cats. Some facilities offer "doggie daycare" programs. Pet sitting services and a wide range of grooming facilities are also available. For more information, check the Yellow Pages under Kennels, Pet Grooming, and Pet Training.

Importing Pets

Information on bringing your pet to Canada may be found at Import Pets through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

Moving Pets

For moving tips visit How to move your pets.

Other Services

Gateway Pet Memorial Services