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FLORA Ontario - Integrated Botanical Information System (FOIBIS), Phase II, 2012

Displaying records 101 - 200 from 5645 total records in the database.

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Record English Name Rootname Adjective Details
101 American Bellflower Bellflower American view
102 American Black Currant Currant American Black view
103 American Bladder-nut Bladder-nut American view
104 American Brooklime Brooklime American view
105 American Bugseed Bugseed American view
106 American Chestnut Chestnut American view
107 American Columbo Columbo American view
108 American Cow-parsnip Cow-parsnip Hogweed view
109 American Cranberry Cranberry American view
110 American Dog Violet Violet American Dog view
111 American Dragonhead Dragonhead American view
112 American Elm Elm American view
113 American False Bindweed Bindweed Hedge view
114 American False Pennyroyal Pennyroyal American False view
115 American Fly Honeysuckle Honeysuckle American Fly view
116 American Golden Dock Dock Golden view
117 American Grass-of-parnassus Grass-of-parnassus American view
118 American Great Bulrush Bulrush American Great view
119 American Gromwell Gromwell American view
120 American Hazel Hazel American view
121 American Hedysarum Hedysarum American view
122 American Ivy Ivy American view
123 American Larch Larch American view
124 American Licorice Licorice American view
125 American Lipocarpha Lipocarpha American view
126 American Lotus Lotus American view
127 American Marsh-pennywort Marsh-pennywort American view
128 American Milkvetch Milkvetch American view
129 American Mountain-ash Mountain-ash American view
130 American Mountain-ash Roundwood view
131 American Nelumbo Nelumbo American view
132 American Orpine Orpine American view
133 American Parsley Fern Fern American Parsley view
134 American Pennyroyal Pennyroyal American view
135 American Pinesap Pinesap view
136 American Pinesap Pinesap Hairy view
137 American Ponweed Ponweed American view
138 American Prickly-ash Prickly-ash American view
139 American Rock-brake Rock-brake American view
140 American Sea-rocket Sea-rocket American view
141 American Senna Senna American view
142 American Shield Fern Shield Fern American view
143 American Shoreweed Shore-weed Plantain view
144 American Shoreweed Shoreweed American view
145 American Silverberry Silverberry American view
146 American Slough Grass Grass American Slough view
147 American Speedwell Speedwell American view
148 American Spikenard Spikenard view
149 American Spikenard Indian-root view
150 American Stinging Nettle Nettle American Stinging view
151 American Sweetflag Sweetflag view
152 American Tree Moss Moss American Tree view
153 American Vetch Vetch American view
154 American Walnut Walnut American view
155 American Water-horehound Water-horehound American view
156 American Water-mat Water-mat American view
157 American water-willow Water-willow American view
158 American Wayfaring Tree Tree American Wayfaring view
159 American Yew Yew American view
160 Amethyst Aster Aster Amethyst view
161 Amphibious Bistort Bistort Amphibious view
162 Amur Corktree view
163 Amur Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Amur view
164 Amur Maple Maple Amur view
165 Amur Silver Grass Grass Amur Silver view
166 Andrews' Fringed Orchis Orchis Andrews' Fringed view
167 Andrews' Lady's Slipper Lady's Slipper Andrews' view
168 Andromedea-like Pine-drops Pine-drops Andromedea-like view
169 Anemone Anemone view
170 Angelica Angelica view
171 Angled Bur-cucumber Bur-cucumber Angled view
172 Angled Rose-pink Rose-pink Angled view
173 Angled Spike-rush Spike-rush Angled view
174 Animated Oats Oats Animated view
175 Annual Baby's-breath Baby's-breath Annual view
176 Annual Beard Grass Grass Annual Beard view
177 Annual Blue Grass Grass Annual Blue view
178 Annual Fleabane Fleabane Annual view
179 Annual Honesty Honesty Annual view
180 Annual Knawel Knotgrass German view
181 Annual Knawel Knawel Annual view
182 Annual Phlox Phlox Annual view
183 Annual Saltmarsh Aster Aster Annual Saltmarsh view
184 Annual Sow-thistle Sow-thistle Annual view
185 Annual Wormwood Wormwood Annual view
186 Appalachian Fir-moss Fir-moss Appalachian view
187 Appalachian Polypody Polypody Appalachian view
188 Appalachian Sedge Sedge Appalachian view
189 Appendaged Waterleaf Water-leaf Appendaged view
190 Apple Mint Mint Round-leaved view
191 Apple Moss Moss Apple view
192 Apple-of-Peru Apple-of-Peru view
193 Apricot Plum Wild Yellow view
194 Apricot Plum American view
195 Aquatic Pigmyweed Pigmyweed Aquatic view
196 Aquatic Pipewort Pipewort Aquatic view
197 Aquatic Sedge Sedge Aquatic view
198 Arbor-vitae Arbor-vitae view
199 Arbuscus Willow Willow Arbuscus view
200 Arctic Bluegrass Grass Arctic Spear view

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