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FLORA Ontario - Integrated Botanical Information System (FOIBIS), Phase II, 2012

Displaying records 201 - 300 from 5645 total records in the database.

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Record English Name Rootname Adjective Details
201 Arctic Bluegrass Poa Arctic view
202 Arctic Buttercup Buttercup Arctic view
203 Arctic Campion Campion Arctic view
204 Arctic Chickweed view
205 Arctic Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Arctic view
206 Arctic Daisy Daisy Arctic view
207 Arctic Eyebright Euphrasia view
208 Arctic Harebell view
209 Arctic Holygrass Holygrass Arctic view
210 Arctic Pyrola Pyrola Arctic view
211 Arctic Rock-cress Rock-cress Arctic view
212 Arctic Rush Wire-rush view
213 Arctic Rush Rush Arctic view
214 Arctic Sweetgrass Grass Sweet Vernal view
215 Arctic Willow Willow Arctic view
216 Arctic Willow-herb Willow-herb Arctic view
217 Arctic-loving Willow Willow Arctic-loving view
218 Arctophila Arctophila view
219 Arkansas Rose Rose Arkansas view
220 Arrowfeather Three-awned Grass Broom-sedge Arrow-grass view
221 Arrowfeather Three-awned Grass Three-awn Arrow-feather view
222 Arrow-leaf Sweet-coltsfoot Sweet-coltsfoot Arrow-leaf view
223 Arrow-leaved Aster Aster Arrow-leaved view
224 Arrow-leaved Smartweed Smartweed Arrow-leaved view
225 Arrow-leaved Tearthumb Tearthumb Arrow-leaved view
226 Arrow-leaved Violet Violet Arrow-leaved view
227 Arrow-leaved Violet Violet Arrow-leaved view
228 Arrowwood Arrowwood view
229 Ascending Purple Milk-vetch Milkvetch Ascending view
230 Ash-coloured Whitlow-grass Whitlow-grass Ash-coloured view
231 Ashy Cinquefoil Cinquefoil Hybrid view
232 Ashy Sunflower Sunflower Hairy view
233 Ashy Sunflower Sunflower Ashy view
234 Asiatic Day-flower Day-flower Asiatic view
235 Asparagus Asparagus view
236 Asperula Asperula view
237 Asp-of-Jerusalem Asp-of-Jerusalem view
238 Assiniboia Sedge Sedge Assiniboia view
239 Ataco view
240 Ater Thorn Thorn Ater view
241 Atlantic Star Sedge Sedge Atlantic Star view
242 Aucher's Pepper-grass Pepper-grass Aucher's view
243 Auricled Twayblade Twayblade Auricled view
244 Austrian Flax Flax Austrian view
245 Austrian Pine Pine Austrian view
246 Autumn Adonis Adonis Autumn view
247 Autumn Bent Grass Grass Autumn Bent view
248 Autumn Coralroot Coral-root Autumn view
249 Autumn Coralroot Coral-root Small view
250 Autumn Hawkbit Dandelion Fall view
251 Autumn Hawkbit Hawkbit Fall view
252 Autumn Willow Willow Autumn view
253 Awl-fruited Sedge Sedge Spiked view
254 Awl-fruited Sedge Sedge Awl-fruited view
255 Awl-fruited Sedge Sedge Spiked Bracted view
256 Awned Graceful Sedge Sedge Awned Graceful view
257 Awned Haircap Moss Moss Awned Haircap view
258 Awned Sedge Sedge Awned view
259 Awnless Brome Brome Awnless view
260 Awnless Graceful sedge Sedge Awnless Graceful view
261 Azure Aster Aster Azure view
262 Baby's-breath Baby's-breath view
263 Bachbungen's Speedwell Speedwell Bachbungen's view
264 Back's Sedge Sedge Back's view
265 Baffin Fescue Fescue Baffin view
266 Baked-apple Berry Berry Baked-apple view
267 Ball's Willow Willow Ball's view
268 Balsam Groundsel Groundsel Balsam view
269 Balsam Groundsel Ragwort Balsam view
270 Balsam Poplar Poplar Balsam view
271 Balsam Willow Willow Balsam view
272 Banksian Pine Pine Banksian view
273 Bare Indian Grass Grass Bare Indian view
274 Bare-stemmed Tick-treefoil Tick-trefoil Naked-flowered view
275 Barnaby's Thistle Thistle Barnaby's view
276 Barnyard Grass Grass Barnyard view
277 Barren Brome Brome Barren view
278 Barren Strawberry Strawberry Barren view
279 Barren Strawberry Strawberry Barren view
280 Bartram's Juneberry Juneberry Bartram's view
281 Bashful Bulrush Bulrush Bashful view
282 Basil Thyme Thyme Basil view
283 Basket Willow Willow Basket view
284 Basket Willow Willow Basket view
285 Bastard Alkanet Alkanet Bastard view
286 Bastard Cabbage Cabbage Bastard view
287 Bastard Hellebore Hellebore Bastard view
288 Bastard Pennyroyal Pennyroyal Bastard view
289 Bastard Toadflax Toad-flax Bastard view
290 Bayberry Bayberry view
291 Bay-leaved Willow Willow Bay-leaved view
292 Bayonet Rush Rush Bayonet view
293 Beach Pea Pea Beach view
294 Beach Sandwort Sandwort Beach view
295 Beach Wormwood Wormwood Beach view
296 Bead Pinweed Pinweed Leggett's view
297 Beaked Hazelnut Hazelnut Beaked view
298 Beaked Hazelnut Hazel Beaked view
299 Beaked Parsley Parsley Beaked view
300 Beaked Riverbank Sedge Sedge Beaked Riverbank view

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