Erin Angus

Position: GSA Office Manager
I join my colleagues in welcoming new and returning graduate students to the University of Guelph. I oversee the operation of the GSA office delivering pertinent services and resource information to you.

I assist in carrying out initiatives of the GSA Executive Committee; liaise with the Board of Directors; the graduate student population at-large, and relevant members of the university community. Our members and their accomplishments make us proud to be part of your graduate study career. I look forward to meeting you during the course of your studies.


Bonnie Runge

Position: The Grad Lounge Manager

Email Address:,  519-824-4120 x58117

See the Grad Lounge page.


Syer Haque

Position: Activities and Communications Co-ordinator 

Email Address: 


GSA Part-Time Assistant

Fall & Winter terms:  TBD