Other Resources

Canadian Federation of Students

CFS is an external organization composed of 80 university and college students' associations. It aims to organize students on a democratic, co-operative basis in advancing community and the federation's interests, ensures an effective communicative framework, use and distribution of resources of the student movement, and facilitates co-operation among students in organizing services that supplement academic experience.

Visit www.cfsontario.ca for more information or inquire about the Communications Kit which outlines the work undertaken on a provincial and national level.

CUPE 3913

Representing GTAs, UTAs, GSA1s & Sessionals. For more information on your rights, you must look at your Collective Agreement. It protects YOU.

Check out your Vision Care Package, your Parental Paid Leave, your UHIP reimbursement, and the other benefits you are eligible for and have a right to.

CUPE 3913 can be found at:
Location: 213 UC
Phone: x56268
Fax 827-9293.
Website: www.cupe3913.on.ca
Email: cupe3913@uoguelph.ca  

The Health and Performance Centre

The Health and Performance Centre provides expertise in sports medicine, rehabilitation and health promotion. Services include: sports medicine, physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractics, pedorthics, bike fitting, nutrition and fitness.

Hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-6pm
Location: John T. Powell Building, 2nd Floor
Phone: (519) 767-5011
Fax: (519) 821-4007
Email: hpc@uoguelph.ca

CFRU 93.3 fm

Guelph's ONLY Campus and Community Radio Station CFRU 93.3 FM. CFRU-FM draws from the rich variety of skills and perspectives that Guelph's communities have to offer in order to create quality programming and to better serve the community.

CFRU-FM is a volunteer-based radio station recognizing the essential contribution of volunteers, and supporting them in their efforts to express themselves through radio. CFRU-FM is committed to the advancement of education and creating an awareness of community activities.

U.C. Level 2
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 2W1

Requests : (519) 837-CFRU
Info : (519) 824-4120 x. 53502
Fax : (519) 763-9603 ATTN:CFRU
Email : info@cfru.ca

Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Living provides services in support of students off campus, including tenant-landlord information, conflict resolution, and online resources.

You will find the Off-Campus Living handbook and tenants page at www.studentlife.uoguelph.ca/neighbourhood

Website: http://studentlife.uoguelph.ca/ocl/

Feeling Better Now Program and Good2Talk Hotline

The University of Guelph is also involved with the Feeling Better Now program, an initiative that helps students assess their risk for mental health issues. 

Read about Feeling Better Now here: http://atguelph.uoguelph.ca/2011/02/mental-health-survey-helps-students-feel-better-now/

Access the survey here: http://www.feelingbetternow.com/uoguelph/

Good2Talk is a 24 hour hotline for students.  Good2Talk http://www.good2talk.ca 1-866-5454