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Education & Events

At the Honey Bee Research Centre, we provide a number of educational experiences for both University of Guelph students and the general public. These include tours of our facility for groups of all ages, courses, workshops, online how-to videos and more!


Please see our Tour Information to learn more about what is included in the experience and how to arrange one.

The School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Guelph offers a second year course, Apiculture and Honey Bee Biology (ENVS*2210). To learn more about course offerings and the material covered please click here.

Every spring, we host an Introductory Beekeeping Course at our Townsend House location taught by the Director of the Honey Bee Research Centre, Dr. Ernesto Guzman and Research and Apiary Manager, Paul Kelly. For more information regarding course topics and registration please click here.

Our newest educational tool is a series of online beekeeping how-to videos released September 2016. These 30+ videos cover a wide range of topics ranging from basic beekeeping techniques to more advanced. Check them out here!

We also have a variety of educational reading material both freely available online and for sale: including articles published in the Ontario Bee Journal, information about bee plants and gardens, bee breeding information and hive photos.

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