Program Overview

About the Master of Biotechnology Program

The program deepens your scientific training and gives you business skills, preparing you for a fulfilling career in Canada or internationally. You’ll be qualified to work in sectors including agribusiness and food industries, plant biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health management and environmental management and research.

First semester includes courses in molecular approaches to biotechnology as well as commercializing innovations, pairing you with a faculty supervisor. In second semester you’ll write and present your research proposal, and in third semester you’ll work on your research project. You may choose to extend your project to a fourth semester — supported by a stipend.

The full-spectrum training you receive in this course-based Master's program draws on the expertise of two University of Guelph departments:

Representation of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology

Our 40 faculty members direct multidisciplinary research programs that address novel biological questions on molecular and cellular scales. Part of the College of Biological Science, the Department provides a stimulating, challenging environment for graduate students. Here are just a few examples of the groundbreaking research being led by our professors:

  • Using molecular genetic, biochemical and genomic information to solve fundamental problems in plant biology and to improve crop performance
  • Delving deep into the array of compounds made by plants and their underlying molecular and biochemical biosynthetic bases
  • Taking a multidisciplinary approach to the study of bacterial processes
  • Using high-resolution imaging techniques alongside biochemical analysis to model, understand and treat neurodegenerative diseases with stem cell technology
Representation of the Department of Management.

Department of Management

Our Department, part of the College of Business and Economics, develops leadership skills through engaging teaching and research — understanding that success requires a strategic outlook, entrepreneurial attitude, global perspective and commitment to sustainability. Our faulty-led biotechnology-related research projects include:

  • Research into the ways new, university-developed technologies enter into commercial use
  • An examination of the creativity of interdisciplinary product development teams working on the technical, marketing and financial viability of new ideas
  • Research on accountability, performance management, innovation and entrepreneurship

Industry Testimonials

Escarpment Labs

“MCB has been critical in helping us start and grow our business in multiple ways. After founding Escarpment Laboratories, a domestic yeast supplier for craft breweries, we were faced with a problem: we had isolated a number of wild yeasts from around Ontario, but had no way to rigorously test these yeasts in order to produce the data required to get truly new strains of yeast to market. Our solution was partnering with Dr. van der Merwe. In doing so, we were able to set up a pilot beer fermentation facility, with downstream analysis of beer through sensory panels as well as flavour metabolite analysis through the Advanced Analysis Centre. This project enables us to generate a pipeline of high quality data, which we can use to inform commercialization decisions.”

Richard Preiss
Escarpment Labs

Frontier Agri-Science Inc.

“The University of Guelph is a top university with state-of-the-art facilities and world-renowned researchers. Our interaction with Professor Steven Rothstein and the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology over the past year has been key to advancing a particular research goal within our company. Aside from gaining access to the tremendous resources available at the University, you’ll more than likely gain ideas, excellent feedback and mentorship that is typically difficult to find for a small or medium-sized companies at such a high level.”

Julian Northey, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Frontier Agri-Science Inc.

PlantForm Corporation

“As our company continues to grow, PlantForm hopes to continue working with MCB faculty on research projects that will improve our company’s production processes and product pipeline, and we anticipate that the new Masters of Biotechnology program will become a source of ready-trained employees with valuable experience.”

Dr. Mike McLean
Director Research
PlantForm Corporation

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