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Business Development in eDNA Biomonitoring (Precision Biomonitoring Inc.)


Precision Biomonitoring Inc. (PBI) is a leader in environmental DNA (eDNA) tools and survey services. Our customers are primarily environmental consulting firms that either want to procure the point-of-need eDNA tools to conduct the surveys themselves or prefer to sub-contract PBI to carry out the eDNA surveys. Our approach offers clients fully end-to-end cost-effective solutions that incorporate ground-breaking innovations in biomonitoring. PBI also offers complementary laboratory, project scoping and training services.

Project 1: Business Development Strategy

 This project will include market analysis of the environmental consulting field and the identification of key potential customers. The project will also include the development of a customer relationship management (CRM) protocols and students will also have the opportunity to directly interact with PBI customers.

Project 2: Digital Marketing Strategy Development

This project involves the development of a digital marketing strategy for PBI, including researching and developing content, developing and conducting software-assisted marketing campaigns and identifying market opportunities for PBI and best practices for digital marketing.

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