Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology - Faculty Emeritus

Professors Emeriti

Bewley, Derek  
(seed biology, plant stress - desiccation, plant growth & development)
Forsberg, Cecil   
(rumen microbiology, microbial genes in digestion)
Greenwood, John
(cell biology - plants, plant growth and development, plant physiology)
Lo, Reggie
(immune protection, bacterial genetics)
Mellors, Alan
Nazar, Ross
(structure, synthesis and regulation of eukaryotic ribosomes in normal and oncogenic tissues; regulation of plant defense proteins)
Peterson, Larry   
(root biology, mycorrhizas, plant structure)
Phillips, John 
(genetic and molecular studies of the role of oxygen radical metabolism in disease & aging)
Posluszny, Usher
(comparative developmental morphology, floral and shoot architecture)
Robb, Jane
(cell and molecular biology of resistance and pathogenesis in diseases of plants)
Sharom, Frances
(membrane proteins and transporters)
Stevenson, Roselynn
(microbial diseases of fish)