Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology - Undergraduate Programs

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The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (in the College of Biological Science) is responsible for four undergraduate majors, and five minors including:

  • Biochemistry,  (major | minor | co-op)

    Study of processes associated with living cells at the molecular level. This program provides practical laboratory training in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, and microbiology

  • Biotechnology,  (minor only)
  • Microbiology,  (major | minor | co-op)

    This major looks at understanding microorganisms including their diversity and relationships to ecology, physiology, genetics and disease. You can apply microbiology to many
    careers in science including; medicine, research, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

  • Molecular Biology and Genetics,  (major | minor)

    A very hands on major, you will learn many of the techniques and skills needed to work in industry today.