Numeracy & Quantitative Reasoning

Making Sense of Numbers

Can’t remember how to read a graph?  Or what an irrational number is?  Come review your math and statistics skills in the Numeracy and Quantitative Reasoning Initiative.

This initiative builds new opportunities to improve your numeracy and quantitative reasoning skills, and overcome your insecurities around dealing with numbers.   It will attempt to help you prepare for your courses and to enhance your learning opportunities. 

The initiative is designed to not only enrich existing programs where students have high competencies in numeric and quantitative reasoning skills, but also reach out to those programs where these competencies have traditionally been weak.

Visit the the repository to search for help on a wide variety of topics.

The Initiative

Since the release of the Universities Learning Objectives in 1987 the University of Guelph has expressed a desire to address numeracy. The Provost's 2005 white paper on undergraduate learning states that:

“... numeracy and the ability to communicate are essential to intellectual development, and lack of those skills hampers efforts in all directions.”

The Numeracy & Quantitative Reasoning Initiative was initiated in 2005 to respond to student's numeracy needs. The mandate of the initative as well as other numeracy background information can be found in this report from 2006.

Learning Enhancement Fund

The Numeracy & Quantitative Reasoning Repository receives financial support from the Learning Enhancement Fund (LEF). The purpose of the fund is to enhance the academic experience for undergraduate students.  Information about the application process and criteria for 2007-2008 can be found on the LEF website ( ) as well as a description of currently funded projects for 2006-2007.