AHSI Complete Projects

 Project LeadProject Title Project Report 
 Tim BlackwellDisease surveillance in a selected group of hog producers with minimal exposure to veterinary diagnostic services Read report 
 Andrew PeregrineDetermination of the prevalence of anthelmintic resistance in Ontario sheep flocks with indicators of gastrointestinal parasitism   Read report 
 Claire JardineSurveillance of disease agents of public health and agricultural significance in wildlife living on farms in Ontario   Read report 
 John PrescottDevelopment and assessment of a diagnostic ELISA for Clostridium perfringens Cpb2 toxin, with special reference to swine and cattle  Read report 
 Paula MenziesA survey of risk factors associated with condemnation of sheep carcasses due to Cysticercus ovis infection  Read report 
 David KeltonIntegrating milk based cow and bulk tank test data, dairy cattle inventory data and GIS location data into the AHL surveillance capacity  Read report 
 Hugh CaiMycoplasma Speciation by molecular biology assays   Read report 
 Hugh Cai Investigation of infectious etiology of small ruminant abortion in Ontario with emphasis on Chlamydophila spp. and Coxiella burnetii   Read report 
 Hugh CaiEpidemiological analysis of Mycoplasma bovis isolated from Canada in the past 30 years   Read report 
 Hugh CaiDevelopment of molecular typing method for the characterization of Giardia duodenalis  Read report 
 Kathy ZurbriggVeterinary Farm Call Syndromic Surveillance Read report 
 Bob FriendshipRefining the Ontario Swine Veterinarian-Based Surveillance (OSVS) system for Real-Time Surveillance and Integration with Laboratory-Based Surveillance  Read report 
 John BartaDNA bar-coding of Coccidial parasites of production animals: development and field testing of a LightCycler-based quantitative test Read report 
 Hugh CaiRapid detection and typing of Haemophilus parasuis  Read report 
 Bob FriendshipIs the treatment of exudative epidermitis in pigs becoming problematic because of the emergence of antimicrobial resistance? Read report 
 Murray HazlettDevelopment of in-situ hybridization (ISH) for diagnosis of Coxiella burnetii and Toxoplasma gondii in small ruminants   Read report 
 Ken LeslieAssociations between the incidence of Cryptosporidium parvum and selenium status in neonatal dairy calves in Ontario   Read report 
 Davor OjkicSurveillance for inclusion body hepatitis in broiler breeders  Read report 
 David PearlThe development and design of a surveillance system for antimicrobial resistance in agriculture animal pathogens in Ontario  Read report 
 Crawford Revie/ Javier SanchezDeveloping and implementing techniques to harvest additional surveillance information from existing AHL diagnostic laboratory data  Read report 
 Durda Slavic/ Michele GuerinOptimization and validation of real-time PCR to determine the prevalence of pathogenic and non-pathogenic Brachyspira Spp. in Ontario layer flocks and to identify risk factors associated with dirty egg syndrome  Read report 
 Bob FriendshipEar tip necrosis in swine  Read report 
 Michele GuerinSurveillance of Salmonella and antimicrobial resistant enteric bacteria in broiler breeder hatching eggs in Ontario - a pilot study  Read report 
 Brent HoffValidation of Serum Amyloid A (SAA) an acute phase protein as marker of inflammation in horses  Read report 
 Paula MenziesProposal to determine the prevalence of Coxiella burnetii infection in sheep flocks and goat herds in Ontario and their farm workers  Read report 
 Eva NagySurveillance for enteric parvoviruses in poultry – a pilot study  Read report 
 Zvonimir PoljakRisk-based surveillance of respiratory infections in growing pigs  Read report 
 John PrescottIdentification of novel toxin gene(s) associated with type A Clostridium perfringens-associated haemorrhagic abomasitis of calves in Ontario  Read report 
 Karen ShearerGenotyping and detection of Leptospira spp. in wildlife hosts in Ontario through comparison of immunohistochemical reservoir and polymerase chain reaction genotyping methods  Read report 
 Michele Guerin/ Zvonimir PoljakCase series of pandemic H1N1 in Ontario turkey breeder flocks  Read report 
 Susy CarmanValidating and implementing new real time PCR tests and for mammalian viruses ELISAs  Read report 
 Shu ChenMolecular typing of Coxiella burnetii identified in Ontario by Multiple-Locus Variable Number of Tandem Repeat Analysis  (MLVA)   Read report 
 Andria Jones (Paula Menzies during maternity leave)Johne’s Disease in Ontario’s Small Ruminant Dairy Industries: Prevalence, potential risk factors, and performance comparison of  serum, milk and fecal diagnostic methods  Read report 
 Harold KloezeExpanded Data Transfer from AHL to CAHSN: In support of improved notifiable disease reporting to CFIA, emergency preparedness, timely disease detection and data analysis  Read report 
 Janet MacInnesComprehensive evaluation of bacterial hazards in the upper respiratory track of swine by terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) analysis  Read report 
 Lori MoserRegional PRRS Elimination Trial  Read report 
 Durda Slavic/ Susy CarmanSummer student assistantships, AHL Mammalian Virology and Bacteriology  Read report 
 Maria SpinatoAHL Necropsy Laboratories Emergency Preparedness Exercises and Incident Command System Training  Read report 
 Pat TurnerPrevalence and characterization of leporid herpesvirus-4 (LHV-4) in Ontario rabbits, an emerging rabbit pathogen  Read report 
 Michele GuerinSalmonella Enteritidis baseline study in Ontario commercial broilers  Read report 
 Marina Brash/ Hugh CaiAvian Chlamydophila and Coxiella infection in Ontario: Molecular diagnosis method development  Read report 
 Paula MenziesDetection of maedi visna virus infection in sheep  Read report 
 Josepha DeLayDevelopment of immunohistochemical tests for small ruminant lentiviruses (caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus, maedi-visna virus)  Read report 
 Durda SlavicValidation of MALDI-TOF for bacterial speciation  Read report 
 Durda SlavicComparison of four different sample types and three different culture methods for Salmonella spp. detection in poultry environmental samples. Read report 
 Davor OjkicEvaluation of Massively Parallel Sequencing for detection and characterization of viruses  Read report 
 Javier SanchezContact network based disease spread model in Ontario Read report 
 Davor OjkicGenotyping of fowl adenoviruses and infectious bursal disease viruses from Ontario broiler breeder flocks  Read report 
 Hugh CaiDevelopment of rapid identification assays for veterinary mycoplasma using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry  Read report 
 John LumsdenDiagnosis and surveillance of chlamydia-like organisms in Ontario rainbow trout Read report 
 David Kelton Equivalency for strong positive serum ELISA Johne’s disease test results and Interpretation of repeated testing for Johne’s disease in Ontario dairy herds  Read report