Animal Health Strategic Investment (AHSI)

As part of the current Partnership agreement, funding was provided to launch the Animal Health Strategic Investment (AHSI), managed through AHL. Several initiatives and research projects are ongoing supporting the three key goals of the initiative:

  • new tests for emerging diseases
  • baseline surveillance for the early detection of emerging hazards
  • development and testing of emergency and business continuity plans for the AHL

AHSI Completed Projects

A number of research projects were supported as part of the AHSI iniatitive.  View the full list of completed projects, and read more about each project. 

AHSI Wrap-Up Session

To learn more, view the booklet from the AHSI wrap-up session that took place on November 8, 2012.

AHSI Magazine 2008-2013

Please read the AHSI magazine highlighting the activities of the AHSI program from 2008-2013.