OMAFRA-U of G Partnership Research Themes

Your research and job shadowing experience need to align with the research themes and priorities outlined in the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership Agreement.  Research that does not fit into the OMAFRA-U of G priorities is not eligible for funding under the HQP Scholarship Program. However, your faculty advisors do not need to have current or prior funding agreements with OMAFRA or the OMAFRA-U of G Partnership. 

Please visit OMAFRA-U of G Partnership themes for more information on the themes and priorities. 

Contacts For The Research Themes

You are also welcome to contact the Research Program Directors of the seven research themes within the Partnership Agreement for more information:

Research Theme

Research Program Director


Agricultural & Rural Policy

Glenn Fox

Bioeconomy- Industrial Uses

Istvan Rajcan

Emergency Management

Shayan Sharif

Environmental Sustainability

Bill Van Heyst

Food for Health

Alison Duncan

Product Development

Erna van Duren

Production Systems (Animals)

Stephen LeBlanc

Production Systems (Plants)

Mary Ruth McDonald

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