Students Looking For Work During Their Work Semester

 As part of the HQP Scholarship Program, you need to complete at least one semester of job shadowing/ work experience. 

 You have a number of options for your work semester:

  • arrange your own placement
  • ask your faculty advisor for help arranging a suitable employer
  • complete your work term with the industry sponsor of your research program
  • ask the HQP Advisory Committee for help identifying possible employers
  • view the opportunities employers have submitted below

All arrangements for your work semester must be approved by the co-ordinator of the OMAFRA-U of G HQP Program.

Submitting Your Bio

Students looking for a potential employer for their work term can submit some information about themselves and their research.  Please send a descriptive summary outlining your qualifications and what your research involves, etc.  This should be in PDF format.  You are also to indicate by email the proposed semester you are looking for placement, the OMAFRA research theme your research is relevant to and the area of interest (in 15 words or less).  This information will then be posted for employers.  Please send your information to and we will upload to the appropriate link detailed below.    

This information will be posted on Employers Looking For Students to help match you with potential employers. 

Work Semester Opportunities

The following are opportunities submitted by employers looking for students:

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