SPARK Articles

Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge (SPARK) generates written, audio and video communications based on University of Guelph research.  SPARK has developed a niche for making science understandable to the public and helping develop a culture that is supportive of research.

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 Minimizing pathogens on chicken farms Read article 
 OMAFRA partnership enables inventiveness Read article 
 Good food, better again, extended outreach Read article
 Seminar series to make research more mobile Read article
 New communications approach helps research reach wider audiences Read article
 Decision tree gives common ground to policy transportation chain Read article
 Drawing circles around community members Read article
 Scoping out the best ways to map research evidence Read article
 Helping students gain experience Read article
 Spreading the word about new dairy technology Read article
 Helping rural employers with human resources Read article
 Biosecurity measures spark creative approach to farm visits Read article
 Grassroots participation for innovation Read article
 Training enhances community's quality of life Read article
 Finding farmers' favourite social media tools and techniques Read article
 Sorting out water source protection Read article
 Online resources explains how to grow specialty crops Read article
 Best practices handbook for knowledge synthesis and translation  Read article
 Spreading the benefits of cover crops Read article

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