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Chickens given interferon-? along with HVT vaccine have more protection against very virulent Marek's disease
Shayan Sharif
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New method of growing tree clones may help scientists in conservation efforts
J. Alan Sullivan
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New reporting guidelines for randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies in livestock
Annette O'Connor
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The effects of plant age and flower bud removal on ginseng leaf characteristics
John Proctor
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Although Campylobacter are common in Ontario sheep, few strains were resistant to important human antibiotics
Paula Menzies
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While Ontario sheep receive fewer antimicrobials than other livestock, off-label drug use is common
Olaf Berke
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Optimum seeding depth for seedling emergence and root growth in North American Ginseng
John Proctor
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How to treat mastitis infections in milk-producing sheep and goats
Paula Menzies
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Purple and red potato varieties are higher in antioxidants than yellow or white varieties
Mary Ruth McDonald
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Community-produced videos allow communities to directly "speak" to, and influence, government decision-makers
George Ferreira
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Holstein bull fertility linked to more copies of a testis-specific protein in the genome
W. Allan King
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Spray-on-mulch helps apple trees grow and prevents weeds
John Cline
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Health knowledge of consumers can influence the choice of sweeteners used by food manufacturers
Getu Hailu
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Risk assessment-based control program leads to slightly lower prevalence of Johne's disease in dairy cows
Kerry Lissemore
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Studying Actinobacillus suis infections in mice may improve understanding of this infection in pigs
Janet MacInnes
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Cheaper and more efficient method of testing grains for multiple fungal toxins simultaneously
Perry Martos
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Native Southern Ontario wasps are only mildly effective at controlling Tarnished plant bug populations
Simon Lachance
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Combination drug therapy offers an effective means of treating bovine respiratory disease
Joanne Hewson
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Tilling fields may reduce the diversity and resilience of helpful soil fungi communities
Michael Goss
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Effect of Ontario's Greenbelt on land values depends on distance from urban areas
B. James Deaton
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Community interaction may be more important than local food for Ontario's Farmer's Market consumers
John Smithers
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Plum varieties with deficiencies in the plant hormone gibberellin may make good dwarf rootstocks
Jayasankar Subramanian
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Antioxidants like vitamin C and E help counteract insulin resistance caused by excess glucocorticoids
David Wright
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Measuring the air pollution that chicken facilities produce
Bill Van Heyst
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The effectiveness of different wash processing methods on spinach and lettuce
Keith Warriner
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Developing a mathematical tool to predict the pollution a broiler chicken facility will emit
Bill Van Heyst
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Proteins involved in gene regulation help peaches fight bacterial spot disease
Gopi Paliyath
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The impact of regulatory announcements on the financial performance of Canadian food manufacturers
Brandon Schaufele
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Simple and low-cost methods for the long-term preservation of Agaricus brasiliensis fungi
Danny Lee Rinker
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Corn's wild ancestors may have passed down beneficial bacterial species through seeds
Manish Raizada
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New antibodies may help treat "shipping fever" in cattle
Azad Kaushik
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Despite high viral counts, fowl adenovirus type-8 did not cause disease in infected chickens
Éva Nagy
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Understanding variability in farm incomes can lead to more effective safety net programs
Ken McEwan
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Airway protein may help identify cattle at risk of developing pneumonia
Jeff Caswell
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Growing ryegrass in soil samples can be a useful measure of soil nitrogen availability
Ralph Martin
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A thorough analysis of mastitis and lost milk production in dairy cows
David Kelton
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A new method for accurately measuring the amount of inulin in dairy products
Arthur Hill
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Soybean expansion in Ontario linked to better varieties and good economic returns
David Hume
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In Canada, new apple rootstocks outperform the industry standard and produce more fruit
John Cline
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Cattails in constructed wetlands can play a role in the removal of excess nutrients from agricultural wastewater
Anna Crolla
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Peaches grow in Ontario outside of the Niagara Region
John Cline
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Universities need to support and encourage faculty and staff to lead environmental sustainability projectsJosef AckermanRead Summary
Healthy humans are host to diverse communities of microbial organismsEmma Allen-VercoeRead Summary
Early weaning affects gut development in piglets and increases he chance of intestinal diseasesMing FanRead Summary
Farmers should choose pesticides that kill soybean aphids but spare their natural insect enemiesRebecca HallettRead Summary
Men and older adults less likely to use specific foods to improve healthJohn CranfieldRead Summary
The "Handedness" of a Molecule Influences the Crystal Structure and Properties of Some Solid FatsRobert LenckiRead Summary
A New Method for Accurately Measuring the Amount of Insulin in Dairy ProductsArthur HillRead Summary
Injected Prostaglandins Have Different Effects on Early Horse Embryo Development Depending on Embryo AgeKeith BetteridgeRead Summary
Farmers Should Choose Pesticides That Kill Soybean Aphids But Spare Their Natural Insect EnemiesRebecca HallettRead Summary
Plants can regulate protein production in response to harvesting: implications for genetic modificationLarry EricksonRead Summary
Early weaning affects gut development in piglets and increases the chance of intestinal diseasesMing FanRead Summary
Proteins involved in gene regulation help peaches fight bacterial spot diseaseGopi PaliyathRead Summary
Plum varieties with deficiencies in the plant hormone gibberllin may make good dwarf rootstocksJayasankar SubramanianRead Summary
Early horse embryos produce estrogen sex hormones, which may encourage developmentJames RaesideRead Summary
Measuring and Predicting Chloride Leaching in Soil Using Numerical ModelsGary ParkinRead Summary
Fluorescent probes act differently with different lipids and other probesFrances SharomRead Summary
Growing ryegrass in soil samples can be a useful measure of soil nitrogen availabilityRalph MartinRead Summary
Quality and Success of Embryo Transfer in Dairy Cows Fed Whole Flax SeedPaul SharpeRead Summary
Weather Affects Water Quality and Health in Northern Communities Scott McEwenRead Summary
Participatory Guarantee Systems: A Certification Idea for Small Organic FarmersEric NelsonRead Summary
The Effectiveness of Different Wash Processing Methods on Spinach and LettuceKeith WarrinerRead Summary
Understanding Why the Treatment of Cattle Pneumonia is FailingJeff CaswellRead Summary
Gut Bacteria Linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease Emma Allen-VercoeRead Summary 
Holstein Dairy Cows: Total Mixed Rations and Sorting of FeedTrevor DevriesRead Summary 
Red or White Wheat for Bread and Cracker ProductsLisa Duizer Read Summary 
Farm Management Practices Connected with Cryptosporidium parvum Occurrence in Southern Ontario Dairy Andrew PeregrineRead Summary  
Too Much Fertilizer? Machine-Harvested Cucumbers in Southwestern Ontario  Laura Van Eerd Read Summary 
Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates for Processing Butternut Squash in Ontario Laura Van Eerd  Read Summary  
Do Pollution Havens Exist in North America?  Alfons Weersink Read Summary  
Why are Ontarians still not Eating Enough Vegetables?  Sunghawan Yi Read Summary  
Using dietary thyroxine to induce molting in turkey hensGregoy Bedecarrats Read Summary  
Chemical activators induce defense mechanism against a fungus in N. benthamiana plants  Paul Goodwin Read Summary  
Mexican women who work as migrant farmworkers in Canada endure difficult living and working conditions to provide opportunities for their children back home Kerry Preibisch Read Summary  
Practicing veterinarians can play a role in determining new diseases in pigs  Robert Friendship Read Summary  
The Performance of specific membranes in membrane bioreactors  S Chang Read Summary  
Soy protein lowers 'bad' cholesterol in adults with type 2 diabetes Alison Duncan Read Summary  
Do adults with type 2 diabetes eat soy and understand the potential health benefits? Alison Duncan Read Summary  
Determining the structure of a rhodopsin protein Vladimir Ladizhansky Read Summary  
Starch biosynthesis in developing seeds Ian Tetlow Read Summary  
Dietary Compounds to Control Odour Produced From Pork Fat in Boars EJ Squires Read Summary
The role of Pho1 enzyme in starch synthesis in wheat Michael Emes Read Summary 
Design of helical heat exchangers affects liquid food processing Timothy Rennie Read Summary 
Dairy cows and Infection: Does Standing After Milking Help?  Trevor DeVries Read Summary 
New DNA Barcoding Method Contributes to Identifying Chicken Parasites  John Barta Read Summary 
Can naturally occurring toxins in chicken feed affect a bird's immune system?  George Girgis Read Summary 
The effectiveness of different wash processing methods on spinach and lettuce  MJ Barrera Read Summary 
Weeds, sweet corn, and economics after cover crops Laura Van Eerd  Read Summary 
Timing, effect, and recovery from competition in corn development  Clarence Swanton Read Summary 
In vitro testing for the effectiveness of dietary compounds to bind odour produced from pork fat in boars  EJ Squires Read Summary 
Community interaction may be more important than local food for Ontario's Farmer's Market consumers John Smithers Read Summary 
Improving plant growth through increasing nitrogen-use efficiency Steven Rothstein Read Summary 
Improving meat quality with vitamins E and C  Peter Purslow Read Summary 
Chicken viruses have the potential to be used to deliver vaccines  Eva Nagy Read Summary 
How does income affect a country's imports of agrifood?  Karl Meilke  Read Summary  
Growing factors in vineyards impact sensory profiles of Riesling wines  Isabelle Lesschaeve Read Summary  
Improved methods for pork production Kees de Lange Read Summary  
Is progesterone responsible for follicular development in ewes?  Pawel Bartlewski Read Summary  

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